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Pure rat

The fake soundsmith??
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If I've added you for something im prolly buying with pure/cash
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800+ hrs on spy (best class)
Glitched hours on solly (i never play him so idk how)

:Rubber_Duck: If you're gonna add me Please leave a reason why in the comments or expect a block.
:Rubber_Duck: Private Inventories and profiles WILL receive a block.
:Rubber_Duck: If you're marked on steamrep or backpack and have added me expect a block.
:Rubber_Duck: I dont do tradebacks unless rebuying an item using seperate items is the case. (Which is not a tradeback)
:Rubber_Duck: *Insert impersonator warning here*


575 Crates Unboxed So far
Unusual Unboxings:
Every unboxing Ive done Ive found at least 1 unusualifier or unusual o.O
Fifth Dimension Backbreaker's Skullcracker
Burning Flames ColdFront Commander
Nut's N Bolts Trucker's Topper
Burning Flames Polar Bear
P Fetti Polar Bear
Massed Flies Rotation Sensation
Time Warp BIrdcage
P Energy Hat To Kill For
Subatomic Universal Translator
P Fetti Deep Cover Operator
Cloud Nine Universal Translator
Terror watt Herald's Helm
Scorching Flames Rotation Sensation
G Fetti Elf Esteem
Strange Green Energy Crack Pot
Omniscent orb Airdog

:new::new: Monster Girl Island >>> Women confirmed? :new::new:
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Welcome Home This time its forever :D
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HaCkErMaN 15 hours ago 
rich man
Bob Ross May 15 @ 12:27am 
Very nice gamer. Met him on Sawmill 3 years ago thinking he was soundsmith, recently bumped into him again after having him added for 3 years. Hope you are doing well for yourself man. Keep on rockin on. - Bob Ross
s. May 11 @ 3:12pm 
tank you
Dorak | trade.tf May 6 @ 10:58am 
do you have mind to sell green balck hole gibus??
s. May 6 @ 6:04am 
you are my girlfriend
s. Apr 24 @ 12:15pm 
hello mate, can you send me friend request? I have something for you