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If you are interested on how to get the Wiki Cap, refer to this:
Click on "View more info" for more information regarding the Wikis.


I need help, can you help me?
Of course. Feel free to comment on my Steam Profile with any questions about any of the Wikis. You can also ask other members of the Wiki on the IRC Channel (if it's available), or my TalkPage on each respective Wiki.

Official Team Fortress 2 Wiki


Q: What do I need to do receive the Wiki Cap?
A: There's no set requirements to receive one. Wiki Caps are distributed for those who contributes with high quality contributions. For more about how to receive one, please refer to the link above.

Q. When do I know when I'm ready to receive a Wiki Cap?
A: A person may nominate you if they find you are ready to receive one. Then, the staff members will evaluate your nominations, and decide if you are ready to receive one or not. You can read more about the nomination process here: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Team_Fortress_Wiki:Wiki_Cap/Nominations

Q: For how much time do I have to edit the Wiki and/or how many edits I have to do to receive a Wiki Cap?
A: The Wiki Cap nomination process is not done by how many edits you've made so far, or for how long you've been editing, what is considered are your contributions as a whole, and if these contributions are considered high quality and they contain a strong desire to make the Wiki better and improved.

Q: If I'm nominated to receive a Wiki Cap, am I guaranteed to receive one?
A: No. Because the evaluation process is done by staff members, it's possible that the Nominee is not ready to receive one yet.

Q: Okay, then, how can I start contributing to the Wiki?
A: There are tons of things that can be done to the Wiki. This goes all the way from correcting grammar, making pages more consistent with others, making new images and replacing old ones that requires improvements, making articles for new content added in the game, translating English pages for other languages, etc.

Q: Okay, but where do I start?
A: There are several pages for the Wiki about things that requires improvements, pages that requires updating, and so on. There's a page containing the progress of each language here: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Team_Fortress_Wiki:Translation_progress
The "discussion" and "most stats" links are the most important ones when starting editing, be sure to check those for your language.

To view more important information regarding the Wiki, please start it from here:

Furthermore, if you wish to improve any images that requires improvements, make sure to check those here:

Note: This FAQ section is unofficial. Please check the first two links for official information regarding on how to obtain the Wiki Cap and how the Nominations system work.

Official Smite Wiki


Q: I'd like to start contributing by uploading missing Voice Lines and Voice Responses (VOX and VGS). Is there a guide to help me with that?
A: (WIP)

Official Paladins Wiki


Q: How can I disable the game's HUD for taking screenshots?
A: Type /hidehud in the System Chat and press Enter to disable the HUD. If you wish to make the HUD appear again, simply type /showhud and press Enter.

Heroes of the Storm Wiki


Q: Where are the Portrait images located in the game files and how can I extract them?
A: Please refer to this guide: https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/User:Gabrielwoj/DDS_Cache_Finder_(Cygwin_Batch_Script)
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My Website is my GitHub Pages website which includes content I've created to use in Steam, in games, or stuff for computers or mobile. Most of content I've created in form of avatars, game files, game skins and so on, are available there. There's a diverse amount of different types of images and files, be sure to check it out!

The website's function as an archival of my created files, as well a way to credit the original artists behind every avatar or content I've used with their image, including not only the original image source, but as well their portfolio link, so if you enjoy an artist in specific, be sure to check their other artworks!

I post updates related to works of mine on my Blog, updates for my website, new things that were added to my website, new type of content, picture of Game Mods, and so on.


Note: When I'm playing Team Fortress 2 (& Overwatch), I keep both the chat and voice communications disabled by default. If you are talking to me in-game, and I don't reply, that's why.

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     Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp                             Mario Fan Games Galaxy (MFGG) [mfgg.net]
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   ┌───────────────────────────┐           Unseen64 [www.unseen64.net]
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Zeugziumy Feb 14 @ 4:24pm 
Preferences... Preferences. But yeah, the one from the right has a nice gothic dress, I like gothic clothing, but the girl on the left is more adorable, not that the other one isn't, they both are cute.

Now, if one of them had a punkish gothic style, that'd my favorite. Punkish Gothic (or simply Punk) is my favorite fashion style.
ツ Clener74 Feb 14 @ 3:59pm 
You prefer the girl on the left? Man, the one on the right totally has my vote with that dress, the cute face and that rack.
Zeugziumy Dec 20, 2018 @ 2:50pm 
Hm hello. Oh, you have made the Polar Pal item in the game, congrats in getting accepted.
Robot Agent Dec 20, 2018 @ 2:42pm 
Added as a fellow contributor :nekoheart:
Zeugziumy Nov 11, 2018 @ 10:10am 
Thanks. Sure thing, you are free to add me in case that happens again the future.

We could play some TF2 matches sometime. And maybe Overwatch, do you own it?
【Cranberry】 Nov 11, 2018 @ 7:47am 
oh sorry to hear. and dont worry its all good :). just wanted to ask if i could add you again