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Freely add me for more friends of: Zombie Army Trilogy by Rebellion.

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If you're going to send me a trade request for Dota 2/Gift items, just use this link .

If you wish to trade your cards with mine, as long as I have dupes and same type (e.g your dupe Anodyne cards for mine), then directly send the request. 1:1 fair trade acceptable.

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I also have the following keys up to trade 3/3/2017:


Leave me a message if you wish to purchase these keys, I have the best price for you

For Steam Gifts:

- Sanctum 2 for 2 keys
- Just Cause for 1 key
- Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 for 2 keys

You can get keys from Steam Marketplace: .
Gifts are only for keys - I do not accept money or cards.
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Dust: An Elysian Tail is an action adventure side scrolling game that has strong story element. If you're looking for the game as such with fair pricing then this is a good one for you.

Playing the game from the start to finish is truly a rewarding experience. The story writer knew how to make an engaging background history, to implementing the plot through the game progression (and of course having full voice cast and interesting character developments). And I gotta say, the voice actors did make a wonderful job. They could show that a voice can deliver strong emotion throughout the game. Moreover, the ending truly was well written, and a strong point to playing Dust: AET until the finish.

Graphic is is is,.... bad... for furry chars and cartoon haters. Ha. Well no, I'm kidding, the graphic is an incredible touch. I love how they designed the levels and the characters. Dust is cool and tough, Fidget is irritating when she starts to whine but she's especially endearing to see. The animation overall and the level designs are flat out gorgeous, full with lightnings in battle and vibrant colors.

Gameplay, though, is a bit too easy and repetitive. Being an 'easy' side scroller platformer, you literally can overwhelm enemies with Fidget + Arrah's combos and that's all you need to win thru the levels. That's with the hardest difficulty btw. Bosses can be a bit tough, but unlike we have seen on other platformers. Once you know how to block and spam the combos, the game's piece of cake. A bit skill is required when playing the challenges - but it's a sidequest anyway.

Other Side Quests, sadly, don't offer much added value. There are maybe 20 or so, but none of them are memorable for me. Mainly just give you some small rewards and a joy knowing you've completed what the game has to offer.

There's a small RPG element - mainly you can level up Dust (and get him extra HP/stats) and equip armors on him. Blade is not replaceable - you can only arm Arrah, the rest is replaceable. Not much I can say, it's kinda shallow mechanic as there's not enough varieties on armors to make it interesting. Just equip the best ones and you're set.

As always, playing with xinput based controller for all Microsoft-related games is recommended. The button mappings feel natural, so there's no need to mess around.

Game length is a bit short for my preference - only about 10-15 hours even for completionist. Being short, and of course the major lacking point is replayability.

My recommendation would be to pick this game up. Can't go wrong playing Dust - it's one of great indie games that everyone must play.
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