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I love the games made by this company a lot. They are all challenging and frustrating, but when you finish a puzzle it feels so good.

This game is no exception. Assembly is not in my field of programming but the basics of programming help. It gives difficulty fast though. When you finish a puzzle, there are 3 categories you can improve in. These are:
- The amount of code lines used in the program
- How many ticks/steps it takes to finish the program
- How much nodes you used to finish the program.

If you completed all the puzzles, you can still work on improving the programs you already made to make them faster or more optimized.

Whether you know programming or not. This is a difficult puzzle game with a programming theme. If you like puzzles and an extra challenge, pick it up! You are surely going to squeeze some hours out of it
Posted November 29, 2016.
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Ah Undertale. A game I expected to be good from what I've heard... but not this good!

I've had a blast playing through it.
The gameplay is unique. Atleast if you don't kill anyone.
The story is interesting. There are some hidden meanings behind characters and stories. And it gives you enough to put the puzzle pieces together.
The music is awesome. I love every part of the music the game offers and can listen it for hours outside of the game.

Basically I reccomend this game highly. Don't look things up for it though. Play through it spoiler free for the best experience.
Like what everyone else says. Play through the game as a pacifist first and then look up how to do the genocide run.

This isn't my game of the year, but it is one of my favorites of the year. It's pretty high up there.
So what are you waiting for? Get it!
Posted November 4, 2015.
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--- Review as of Update 11 ---

The game is really fun and good. It's free to play so you can't complain about it. The game can be played in singleplayer or with other people(max 4 in group). Playing with others makes the game more fun. There is no vs in the game aside from some dueling areas. These are optional though. The rest of the game is co-op. Parkour your way through the levels and find the secret locations on the levels. They will mostly reward you with extra credits from lockers and such.

There are different planets and different factions. There will be some repetitive rooms here and there that you will notice. But the room layouts is always random. Clear all the levels and upgrade your weapons and warframes. Craft or buy more weapons and warframes when needed.

Upgrades are done by levelling up the weapon or warframe to max level 30. For each level you will get a mod point. With a mod point you can add mods you collect during the levels. Each mod adds something to the weapon/warframe. For example: Fire damage, higher crit rate, more health, ect. Mods can be upgraded to a certain level. Once you reached the max level of a weapon/warframe, you can change the add or change a symbol of one of the mod slots. but this will reset the weapon level back to 0. I will leave a link at the end of the Warframe Wikia

There is a lot of content in the game that will keep you going for a while. Getting craftin matarials, completing levels, playing hardcore levels and go to the Void. which are harder areas but they repay you better.

There are 2 different kind of ingame currency. Thos are Credits and Platium. Credits you will get by completing levels or selling your stuff. With the credits you are able to buy blueprints and stuff from the clan you joined. Platium is used to buy the weapons and warframes directly. Without any need of crafting them with a blueprint. It saves a lot of time. But Platium can only be obtained by buying them with real money. Luckely you aren't able to buy the best stuff. There are better weapons and warframes obtainable in the game which requires you to play.

It's hard to go into the details of the game. It's better to read a guide. Luckely they have an in-game tutorial in the game which explains you the basics. The rest you have to figure out yourself. Reading a bit on the Warframe Wikia is usefull. I did this a lot and I still use it here and there.

I would say you should definitely try out the game. It's free so what do you have to lose. They are updating the game pretty often. Mostly fixes and small things. But every 2-3 months they will release a big update. Check the game out, grab some friends to play with and enjoy the game~

Warframe Wikia[warframe.wikia.com]
Posted November 26, 2013.
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The game looks simple but that doesn't mean the game is fun. It is hard though and you need some luck here and there.

The game takes you through a small tutorial at first and lets you get used to the controls. The rest you have to figure out yourself. What is usefull and what not, what is the best option to do, ect.

It's based off an old game called Oregon Trial. But in here there are zombies and there are some things changed and added. It isn't a long game but it is fun to replay the game and try other ways to beat it and harder difficulties.

The graphics are old styled. Since the game where it was based off is also in the same sort of style. But in here it looks a bit better. If you aren a graphics kind of person then don't pick the game up. From the screenshots you see on the store page.. That's all you will get.

The soundtrack is quite nice. If you get annoyed by it after a few times of playing it, you can always put on your own music.

It doesn't cost much and it's worth picing up if you enjoy a bit of hard and a bit of luck based games. If you don't mind how the game looks like that is. The game is also available for the Android and IOS. If you want to play it everywhere. I find the controls a bit better on there since you have to swipe instead of dragging your mouse. But it is a personal prefrence.

Get it when you can if you like what you see and read. And if you think the price is too high then wait for a sale. Though getting it for the IOS and Android would also be a good choice.
Posted November 26, 2013. Last edited November 26, 2013.
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Great game. I really enjoyed it. The game looks really nice. Even though there is one weapon, you are able to do a few different moves and fidgit attacks. The game is metroid styled and you will have to return to some areas if you want to get the extra stuff. But just have fun hacking and slashing your way through.

The voice acting isn't too bad and the characters look nice. The soundtrack is beautifull. It's really great.

Though the game isn't that long and there isn't really a replay value. It's worth picking up for a good experience. If you don't have anything against furries atleast.. Because the game is full of them.

I would pick it up when you get the chance. Maybe during a sale if you really prefer. But no matter when you pick it up.. You should pick it up if you enjoy a metroid styled game that looks amazing. Just hack 'n' slash to the end~
Posted November 25, 2013. Last edited February 5, 2014.
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