Jonathon Edelson   San Diego, California, United States
If you've never spent upwards of ten minutes fervently discussing the intricacies of a particularly raunchy option in a game of "Would You Rather?" or are off-put by the idea of doing so (and doing so often), we probably won't get along.

I'm a writer, artist, gamer, wannabe filmmaker. I'm a storyteller at heart and I love moving others with my works and my characters –be it to laughter, thoughts, disgust or tears. I have aspirations of someday becoming a novelist, filmmaker and comic book author.

Two of my biggest dreams are sitting behind a table at a comic convention with a line of people waiting for me to give them autographs or sketches and hosting a Q&A regarding movies I've made or books I've written in a packed auditorium full of fans, not unlike Kevin Smith's "Evening With" performances.
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