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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
- the long awaited metroidvania from a famous Castlevania creator is finally here!

A bit of history (short ver.)
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night been in development for more than 4 years. It first appeared on Kickstarter in 2015, with Koji Igarashi as Chief Producer and a new dev team "ArtPlay".

At first, Inti Creates (Azure Striker Gunvolt, Mighty #9) was also involved with the development of this game, but during E3 2016 it was announced that Inti Creates is no longer involved with the main game and will develop the 2D prequel called "Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon".

Honestly, after an extremely disappointing Mighty #9, i was kinda happy that Inti Creates is not involded with main game anymore.

And now, in 2019, we got this game released and even 13 Free DLC is on it's way, including co-op mode and additional playable characters.

As everyone saw the first two characters (main heroine and a samurai), the #3 is confirmed to be a......SHOVEL KNIGHT! Da hell, and his gameplay looks fun af.
And the last one is rumored to be Aurora - a main heroine from Child of Light, together with her fairy familiar.
Can't say anything about four playable characters, amazing work from IGA-san, ArtPlay and 505 Games putting all those collabs together.

The Story
10 years ago Alchemist guild started to experiment on humans in order summon a powerful demons into living realm. In order to do that, they fused humans with demon crystals and used them as a sacrificial pawns in dark rituals.
Two childern, Miriam and Gebel, was adopted by an Alchemist guild and experimented later on.

While Miriam fall into coma for 10 years, the experiment with Gebel succeeded and demons appeared. Being lucky, Gebel survived during "Sacrifice" ritual and now plan to take revenge against Alchemist guild for both him and Miriam.

Now, 10 years later, Miriam awakens and found herself on an unknown ship, heading towards the Demon Castle. This Demon Castle was summoned by Gebel with his attempts to destroy the world.
After a short meeting, Miriam saw that something wrong with Gebel (like he's being mind controlled) and it's up to you to save your old friend and solve the mysteries.

The Gameplay
Gameplay follows a classic Castlevania/metroidvania formula, but it's refined and polished into a masterpiece. At first, you only got Miriam as a playable character and will follow her story for awhile.

Bloodstained offers a wide range of weapons, from CQC to mid and long range - a dagger/boots(kick them all!)/Short sword/Great Sword/Pistol and many others. And there's a lot of unique weapons too, for example, there's a normal boots, that will allow you to kick your target and Assassin Boots, that not only kick your target, but will do a follow-up attack with a hidden blade or a Spiral Sword, that's a -Great Sword- class, but performs drill-like multi-attacks. Using those weapons is extremely fun and interesting.

Weapons aside, there's a lof of magic spells in the game. In order to unlock them, you must defeat normal enemies or bosses to collect demon shards. Though, normal enemies got a low chance to drop those, but each enemy drop unique magic skill, tied to that monster. A Banshee will drop "Scream" and a Demon Archer will drop "True (triple) Shot". You can upgrade your magic by acquiring duplicate shards and upgrading at your Base.

Speaking of your homebase, you will unlock it after the first boss, it will allow you to take quests from survived people, craft stuff in alchemy workshop or buy/sell stuff with Church lady. Most of the quests are the generic "Kill this thing X times" or "Collect X items", but there's some unique quests too. And the jokes are good too.
- What's those tattoos on your body?
- Wh-wh-what are trying to say? It's......FASHION.

Later in the game you will also unlock character customization features:
And with the help of that i transformed Miriam into a High Elf. You can change her hairstyle, hair color, clothes and cloth color, etc.

- Played this game specifically on an old PC rig - i5-2500, GTX 1060, 8Gb DDR3, normal HDD and Windows 7. Everything works great and all graphic options are on max. Also, the game support pretty much every controller, even those cheap chinese ones, just make sure that it got enough buttons/resembles Xbox or DualShock controller.
TL;DR Bloodstained optimization is great and it should work on most old PCs and laptops.
Keyboard + Mouse support is topnotch also, so it's fine to play with KB+M is you don't have a controller.

The Final Verdict
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night delivers to every fan, that supported it on Kickstarter and waited for 4 years for a final release. The amount of love (and work) Igarashi-san put into it together with ArtPlay and 505 games is amazing and a future 13 Free DLC will make this game into 11/10.
So, if you are a fan of Castlevania, Dark Devotion, Valdis Story and many other similar metroidvania games, make sure to play Bloodstained.

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