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Pennsylvania, United States
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-----ABOUT ME:-----
Hello there! To get to know me, you have to add me. I am not usually on Steam that much and keep to work. Hit me up whenever and I will be here to oblige ;)
Steam Name : Zeo Mause
Previous Steam Names : deathwarrior742, Popp, Sgt. Sacrifice and ZeoMau5
Steam Profile :
Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:27723128
Steam 3 ID : U:1:55446257
Steam Rep :
PepiPie ( ) : Second account
The Ostentatious ( ) : Third account (inactive)
Discord : Zeo Mause#3595
Youtube :
Github : [HIDDEN]
Snapchat : [HIDDEN]
Email : [HIDDEN]
Cellphone : [HIDDEN]
Garry's Mod Map Development
Video Editing and Production (Adobe products)
Graphic Design
Animation (via motion capture, motionbuilder, etc)
Terrain Development (Game development)
Python Programming
Java Programming
R Programming
C++ Programming
Android Programming
Assembly Programming (MASM32)
Website Development (HTML/CSS/Little PHP)
Business Management
UX Design

You may add me if you need a map done for your Garry's Mod community, you need setting up a forum, need making making a video edit or completing a video. The prices may vary on certain subjects though.

Map Development Lessons = FREE!!! - Every Saturday & Sunday for 3 weeks. Learn the basics of Hammer, add functionality to your maps, create large scale maps within months, and more!
Map Development = $5 - $200 (!!ONLY small time jobs accepted now!!)

Video Edit/Production = $1 - $45 (depends on what needs to be done)

SIMIAN FLU ROLEPLAY - Modified DarkRP with several custom items and awesome functions related to the plague of the movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. - discontinued
--updated 3/28/21
Workshop Showcase
Hello guys! My name is Zeo Mause and I have been a mapper for 4 years now and I have came out and posted a workshop item. This map is a remix of the RP_Castlehill map. The original owner is swerik. The links to his original product will be at the bottom of
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