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Moon ♂ 月 UTC+0   Harrogate, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
                My big brother --> :Pdog:       My website --> :LIS_PolaPhoto: [zenn22.com]    My little sister --> :funnycat:          My Instagram --> :snowflake_ar: [www.instagram.com] :47_barcode: [nick-name.ru]zenn22@rocketmail.com
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   Indie fanatic, Keyboardist, Doggo appreciator, DEmann hunter

          I'm Moon, 23 and a half years old, male, Living in the UK :GBR:

         Leave a comment in your language! :ab_germanflag: :starsandstripes: :FRAflag: :flagukraine: :RUSflag: :japanflag: :merdeka:

:zeds:                                                                                                       look! doggo pics :WhiteArrowUp:
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♪ Sunset City is at war, Sunset City... close the door! ♪
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                                        My fav games
Knack 2
Left 4 Dead 2 why can you see your arms but not your legs? volvo plz fix
A Hat In Time
Animal Crossing New Leaf :tanuki:
Jak 3 (ps2) >Jak2>JakX>Jak1
Ratchet Deadlocked :theShipWrench:
Avatar 2, 3, 4,and 5!
Half Life 2 :headcrab:
Stanley Parable did you get the broom closet ending? the broom closet ending was my favourite!
Saints 3 :sr4eagle: [saintsrow.fandom.com]
Bad Rats: the Rats Revenge
Downhill Donimation (ps2)
Worms 2 :HolyGrenade:
Tony Hawks Pro Baiter (ps2)

                                        My worst games ever
Fable 3
Super Mario Odyssey
Fallout 3
Harry Potter and The Terrible Computer Game
The Elder Scrolls 5
Fallout 4
Bad Rats: the Rats Revenge
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout 76

______(__(^) -~- (^)_______ Wot? Nej cheese?!
___,─,_\__ \( 6 6 )/ ___,─,____
.░░ 'III' ░░░ \' '' '/ ░░░ 'III' ░░░░
░░░░░░░░ >o< ░░░░░░░░░
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ Take a free Tux emoticon! --> :gifted::signix:

Message me if you want 'Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation' I have a spare key :)

 My Setup
HP OMEN 15 :UltraPlayBox: GTX 1060 3GB Mobile :cpucores6: I5-8300H :cpucores4:
8GB DDR4 :dw_disk: 1920x1080x155 IPS G-Sync :Mirro_lightning:

 Q: Do You play [the popular Game right now]?
A: Nej, I only play fun games! :dw_disk:

 Q: What is a "Waschbär"
A: I made a website about them! http://zenn22.com/waschbar-info

Why are you doing this to me xD
I wont send air per post, I wont send snow per post, I wont send a dog per post, I wont send a mom per post XD
And then I am the bad guy xD

My fav vids
:csgocross:     :love:     :heart::HatHealth::cchearts::LIS_pixel_heart::p2cube::Speech_Love::truelove::ss2heart::tinder::heartris::2017catheart::boop::necroheart:

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PATRiZZA 17 hours ago 
✗-Krystian-✗ 22 hours ago 
+Rep Polski boi napisał ci to byś ocenił mój profil :3
Shaxx Mar 22 @ 8:14am 
Can you not?
🦂 zenn22 🐹🐹🐹 Mar 22 @ 3:40am 
@shaxx how dare you insult our lord Gerby Freebont
PATRiZZA Mar 22 @ 3:38am 
You just leave our Half-Life alone
Shaxx Mar 21 @ 8:47am 
That @ crap doesn't work on here ya know? Lmao. Anyway, Half LIfe is cool and all, but I don't enjoy it THAT much when compared to the new DOOM and its multiplayer.