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My name is Sasha Zenko. I am a true gamer with big game collection. I was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) but it is not an obstical for me to study new game technologies and chat with people at the Web.

In cause of my disease I can't play with my hands. I use my chin to control the mouse.

I have 2 special software programs that were created for me:
1) "MHOOK" gives me an opportunity to play games that are designed for a keyboard or a gamepad with my chin & mouse.
2) "MishkinaMish" allows me to press a button with a sound. I use it to jump or shoot in games.

If you are a game developer I would be glad to make a Let's Play movie with your game.

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• WebMoney: WMR R348039097059 or WMZ Z183075416197
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K4rky$ ╰_╯ Nov 1 @ 12:59am 
Tobus Jul 24 @ 9:18am 
Ты молодец, так держать! :thumbalift: :steamhappy:
KNightKCrawler Jul 7 @ 7:11am 
Just found your channel & saw you playing Super Meat Boy, you have great finesse of the mouse. Kudos :summersun:
TpaXep Jun 6 @ 2:20am 
run mhookXP.exe
cronkitus Jun 5 @ 10:21am 
Hey, quick question, with your rar file that you posted to change hotkeys up, which EXE do I open?
pinky◻ Mar 6 @ 12:16am 
Found your videos through a review you made of the 'Save the Ninja Clan' game - you're a wonderful inspiration, proving people can do anything they put their minds to ^_^ please keep making videos :8bitheart: