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Gabe.T.   Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Play Eat Game Repeat :balloon::pinkFlowerNKOA::balloon: Im a social and vulgar individual
Playing some :wh::dwarfsymbol::wh: these days. Also on TF2 or Smite. If you are interested in any of my items, just add me and be brief. Thanks! :obb::pinkteam:
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If you ever wanna play coop with me..
:balloon:First make sure we are good friends, not against you but I dont play with "everyone".:pinkFlowerNKOA:

:crate: You can join me and f*ck around on TF2, or ask to trade if you know your shizzles
:bandit: Hit me up to play borderlands game, as long as youre not lv15000
:riftlife: Ask me if I play certain MMOs (Rift, WoW, Swtor, ect.)
:heavensrage: Add me on Smite [DonTacos]
:StunJacks: Add me on battle.net [M0uk#1174]
:Fleshpound: Ask me to play either L4D2 or Killing Floor 2, i like to play couple rounds sometimes
:csgogun: GTAV is also a good game, I usually just do heists and f*ck around

:obb:Most importantly, just ask me first and dont take it personally if I refuse, that is all thanks.:PinkCube:
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Pink and Tits. That's it.
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Pinkie die
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Pinkie pie
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