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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

I do love racing games (I played the originals Top Gear in SNES , and beated them . Played Mario Kart in SNES and N64 and I beated those 2 in all dificulties) , but Sonic All-stars racing transformed is by far the most dificult race game out of there.

Im not a person of reviews but i really needed to review this one.

** Personal Progress **

I have 45 stars in 8hrs.. im not that bad. I have unlock Danica Patrick and Shadow. I won a lot of A-Class races but they are so very dificult.

**Installation and OS**

The game worked at first shot , steam installed it with no problem. I have Windows 8.1 and XBOX 360 Controller , with an Asus R9 270X , and the game runs very fine. Be aware if you dont have a powerfull PC , the game can run under 30-40fps , and it really needs to run at least over 50fps.. because the AI is so brutal that it doesnt admit mistakes.

** Game **

My overall impression is that the game has a very high learning curve, and it really can make you feel that you suck at racing games. But is not you , is the Brutal and broken AI .

** Racers **

The game has like 27 racer roaster.. everyone has diferent stats , and handles diferently , they can be level up with playing any type of races. Some of them can be unlocked in the game , what is really nice and extends the game a lot.

** Tracks **

The tracks are very fine , and has is own themes (Sega Games), tracks are beautiful , some are a candy to the eye , you wont be dissapointed in that aspect. The water is very nice and tracks effects are great.

** Shortcuts **

Tracks do have shorcuts but , some of them are very dificult to get, and it doenst make you to get a huge gap or advantage. Because the AI is so brutal that they take the shorcuts too (better than you).

** Race mechanics **

Run fast Run far... you get the usuals , power-ups and offensive and defensive items. The All-Star item is like the mario Star. It makes you invincible. Yeah , AI get those too it can and make you cry.. Some race mechanics are important to point it out:

1. You always start in 10th place.
2. Some levels desing are very simple , and make chases to the first places very dificult. because the AI is so good and doesnt make mistakes that are very dificult to chase.
3. Tracks really do need a lot of practice and knowledge, you can play it for over 10-20 times and never get the firsts places..

** AI **

I have never seen so brutal AI in a Game. Some time if feels like 9 vs 1 battle.

1. Remember that boost that you can do starting the race? , The AI does it better than you most of the time.
2. The AI is so brutal , that they gonna hunt you down if you are in the 3rd firsts places.
3. The AI Takes the mini-shortcuts better than you.
4. They do drift boosts very well... very well
5. AI do stunts. A lot of them.
6. They will shot you a lot. Some times is very frustrating.
7. The guy in the first place never makes a mistake , unless you shot him in the back.

It makes the AI feel like you were racing against a better version of you... always. Since the first track..

****But the real problem is this.****

In A-Class:

1. If You do any mistake , you'll need to restart the race.
2. They run faster than you. I have notice even if you got boost (Items and Lines) and the didnt.. AI runs at the same speed like you.
3. They are bullet proof. I shoot one of them with 3 Ice balls and later with a tornado in the same race segment , and it hadnt any problem to keep with me in the race.
3.1 If you hit any of them , they will keep you in race with no problem , .
4. Tornado doesnt affect them , if you get hit by one of those , say hello to restart button.
4.1 Ice ball doesnt affect them. I noticed they had better acceleration than you. Thats a big problem.
4.2 Now im thinking that the only thing that can surpass them in A-Class is the all star item. And they got it a lot more times than you.
5. They do level 2 or 3 boost with no problem , even for you is dificult (with a practice maybe not).
6. They shoot you at sight. And they are really good at shooting.
7. If you are in the first place , run fast run far , they gonna hunt you , if you get hit by anything say bye bye to first place , by any reason they are always behing you no matter you do , ive seen some video were people exploit some parts of the maps , but those are things that you can make with +50hrs in the game.

The problem is making an almost invencible AI to play with. Makes this game certainly dificult and frustrating, some people will say that you are newbie or bad, but now mix all the items explained above and you got a nightmare racing game.

Im not recommend this game for casuals , Hardcore racing gamers will have a wreck festival.

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