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Personal Achievements

The First

Clear Generation 1.

The Second

Clear Generation 2.

The Third

Clear Generation 3.

The Fourth

Clear Generation 4.

The Fifth

Clear Generation 5.

The More the Merrier

Execute a coordinated attack with six characters.

Generational Profiling

Unlock character profiles.


Are there still character profiles you haven't unlocked?

Almost There...

There's so much to see.

I've Seen Everything

Have you seen it all?

Can We Keep Him?

You've got to weaken monsters before you can capture them.

I've Created a Monster!

What have I done!?

In Title Only

You've earned a title! Now try and earn them all! Be sure to visit the Adventurers Guild.


What's more than 19, but less than 21?


What's half of 100?


What's 10 and 0?


Earn all the titles. Good luck.


Strong as an ox!


Healthy as a horse!


Quick as a wink!


Smart as a whip!


Lucky as a leprechaun

Alchemical Aptitude

You have added an item to the shop. Keep doing alchemy to add more. Smithing makes the shop go 'round.

Special Delivery

With your Extra Skills combined...

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