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Ultimate Fencer

Obtained all the trophies. "No one decides my fate except me!"

Road of Thorns

Finished the game on HARD without changing the difficulty. "Your only redeeming trait was how you would never give up. Am I wrong?"


Defeated the enemies Devilkin, Iris, and EX Harariel within Shukesoo's Tower only after destroying all of their parts. "I adore shattering human emotions into pieces!"

Male Bonding!?

Defeated the Imperial Gold Dragon with only a party of 3 or more men (Pippin excluded). "I have absolutely no interest in the female body."

A Woman's Garden

Defeated Artemis with only a party of 3 or more women (Pippin excluded). "I don't think we should let the boys see this."

Blue Gale

Continued a Boost Dash for 30 seconds. "The Azure Gale!?"

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