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Jun 30 @ 9:54am
In topic What the hell is monkey.txt
It's a GUI testing system. If you change the first line from "inactive" to "active", and start a conquest game, the game will (very badly) start playing itself.
Originally posted by TheDerpyDeed:
Great, but when are our blueprints getting cloud saves? as a designer losing all your designs whenever you swap out a hard drive on your pc is... horrendous, ♥♥♥♥ diplomacy, fix the game first

I'll see what I can do.
Originally posted by Rowfry:
Did the ability to sell or buy airships make it in? I think it would be great but I'm not sure how much it was discussed.
We discussed it a bunch. The problem is that there's a bunch of ways to exploit this, so it's not going in, sorry.
In fact, let me just add the word "free" to that announcement to make it clear. :D
Originally posted by Jomini:
Am I getting this right that this will be a free update? I was expecting diplomacy to be DLC.

It's a free (final) update. There may be paid DLC in the future.
Originally posted by SlapAndSpit:
No worries, any news on the diplomacy update?
Yes, post with the precise release date will appear in the next few days. Release date is still in August, so no delays.
I'll have a look at the balance of that.
Jun 9 @ 11:35pm
In topic Version
Originally posted by Henry:
Originally posted by Zarkonnen:
Can you describe the problem in more detail?

yes i can, i moved the AI building designs into my personal in-game inventory, then i whent in game and it said i couldn't use multi-player. but i do have another computer i play this game on. i just wanted to see all of the bases for myself, without having to do the lengthy process of capturing them all.

This is probably fixed now with the newest update. Let me know if not.
Originally posted by Lord_Havoc:
*Works in IT devops...can relate :D

Indeed. It worked on my machine!
Jun 9 @ 2:05pm
In topic Version
Originally posted by DoomSooth:
Is there a typo in the version number? Not a big deal but I was wondering because this version is also a little smaller than the previous. Noticed it when I was downloading the update from GOG.

Yeah, there is. It's meant to be!
Jun 9 @ 3:49am
In topic Version
Jun 8 @ 10:26pm
In topic Version
Originally posted by Henry:
hay i like to copy the ai designs into a personal folder, and with this update i cant play multiplayer on my secondary device.
Can you describe the problem in more detail?
Jun 5 @ 2:13am
In topic Version
Jun 4 @ 12:02am
In topic Troubleshooting and Bug Reporting Guide
Originally posted by Scuffi:
Some friends and I have been getting massive de-sync issues in multiplayer recently. Map size does not seem to be the culprit like it was in ancient times.
Noted, I will have a look at the error reports.
Jun 2 @ 5:17am
In topic Fleet Creator Update
Originally posted by 杜聘任:
are those contents only available in "beta" version?
No, they're available in the normal version of the game. You have to turn on modding tools in the settings.
May 29 @ 12:48am
In topic AI Fleet Creator
Assuming you enabled it as a mod, it should now randomly pop up.
May 25 @ 1:58pm
In topic Version
May 25 @ 6:36am
In topic Fleet Creator Update
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