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wheatley : what fascist invented sticky spam

Garcello : death to isreal

Jones wenn wir quintosh denien und ihn an die Combo fesseln Ist er on a leash

please my team is bullying me an d i need tem for s23 ples help theyre bullyign em and its abusive :(( i cried for hours zamparopni pls dont ♥♥♥♥ on mee

Zamparonie Still lf Lamo: WHEIR IS LMAO ?!

ReseF#ГдеЛмао: I DONT KNOW

Zamparonie Still lf Lamo:HAND HIM OVER


Danny: Barack Obama hat meinen Türken gestabt

*DEAD* ⋆ : gg except for that ♥♥♥♥♥♥ spamming teleporter here

[12:10 AM]
if u were a girl
would u date zamp

[12:10 AM]
♥♥♥♥ ye
That ♥♥♥♥♥♥ nazi gets me wet everytime

jones: Zamparonie ist unfair und da drin, da ist er Der Monopolkapitalist Mit Haut und Haaren er uns frisst

Zamparonie: Mason no
Mason: I love 6s
Zamparonie : no yu dont you love me and only me
Mason: I do

Pendulum : zamparonie the godfather of highlander

Blayze : zamp is king

Liko: so youre looking for a heavy yes?
LeilaTootToot: yes
Liko: could i trial? playing with my idol zamparonie is one of my peaks of dreams

Piney #denmark back 8th: Only Jesus I need is zamparonie!!!

grnwd: you are good person
grnwd: and prob best engi in EU

big Zamparonie. With plenty of experience on the class plus past experience with Feila, he’s certainly a reliable person to have on the engie role. A strong aim plus a bold play style suits Feila’s aggressive role very well.

b_feeeeeesch :3: zamparonie means swaglord420 in atleast 20 different languages

sun_tf2x: zamp is winning everything ( yes )

KosukeTF2: i think we can tell clark does not like zamp

CeeJaey: u are my winner

reogec: hi, can u do a maptalk tomorrow for lybon's team? bc i think u have the most game sense in hl (for coalplant btw)

Domaytoe: Internationale Teams – ich schlafe, Nationale Teams – ich bin achtsam

CazaroC:zamp is the führer @Unusual_Shotgun

sprasty : Because we love you nogga

Natalie has renamed their Tomislav to I love zamparonie's ♥♥♥♥

aleskee:even a global pandemic cant stop zamp

he was raging in vc
like to the extreme then started cussing in german
idk why he took that lobby so serious

arcades:spy main also i wouldnt dream about playing vs my senpai zamparonie

*DEAD* Jeremy Clarkson : ♥♥♥♥ off
*DEAD* Jeremy Clarkson : you are gay scunt

*DEAD* PotatoOfChaos : i got to witness the eternal void
(Voice) Yuri: Thanks!
*DEAD* PotatoOfChaos : i do not like it there

Warm Bleach Water : black ppl be like chimp no

limsxn : i feel like commiting mass genocide


The Ende ?

<fairi was here 18/06/2021 * 3 *

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