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William Farmery   East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hi, I am Zambie.
Founder of Prospect Roleplay - Please don't add me for unban related topics.
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Welcome to the official profile of Zambie ^‿^.

I do not accept random friend requests, private profiles, or level 0 users. Please leave a comment explaining why you're adding me, unless we've discussed it beforehand. I also don't accept random group invites.

Who am I?
I am Zambie, I'm 18 years old currently working as a Technical Support Advisor for Team Knowhow

Staff Positions held in order from most recent:

:gmod: • Founder of Prospect Roleplay - January 2019 - Current
:gmod: • sysadmin for MisfitServers- April 2019 - October 2019 (Community Closed)
:gmod: • Developer for Naxal Networks - June 2019 - October 2019 (Community Closed)
:box: • Support Rep for Billy's Scripts - January 2019 - Resigned/September 2020
:box: • Support Rep for Xenin - January 2020 - Resigned/September 2020
:rust: • Developer for - January 2018 - Relieved of Duties/March 2018
:gmod: • Founder and Owner of Adrenaline Networks (CityRP) - July 2017 - January 2019
:gmod: • Developer for FirstClassRP - Resigned
:gmod: • Supervising Administrator and Developer for LuminousRP - Resigned
:gmod: • Co-Owner of EvoCityRP - Resigned
:gmod: • Founder and Owner of Adrenaline Networks (DarkRP + Deathrun) - Community Closed
:gmod: • Developer for Melon Burger - Community Closed
:gmod: • Supervising Administrator + Developer for GrixRP - Resigned
:gmod: • Developer and CEO for VizorGaming (Auschwitz/Alcatraz roleplay) - Resigned
:gmod: • Moderator for Outlaw Networks - Resigned
:gmod: • Developer and Administrator for PredatorRP - Relieved of Duties
:gmod: • Moderator for Moonshine Gaming - Resigned
:gmod: • Founder and Owner of PolygonRP - Community Closed.
:gmod: • Administrator for Azura Networks - Resigned


Bayonet Doppler (Phase 4)
Falchion Knife
Bowie Knife | Fade

And I think that's it for now. Thanks for reading!

I'm currently trading my Glock-17 Candy Apple, I have a foil faze sticker on it. I'm wanting to get just the foil sticker back.
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