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:spain::spain::spain:I DONT SELL DOTA 2/CSGO ITEMS:spain::spain::spain:

If you want to trade cards 1:1 feel free to add me(no private profiles)

Never forget Pizza 20/01/2014 . I will miss you ;_;

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Daisuke - El Huervo

:RedStar:Games I want to complete this year:RedStar:
-Rise son of rome
- Pony island
-The banner saga and start the banner saga II
-Luftrausers O_o?¿?¿?¿
-probably a weird japanese game
-some DEUS EX gamu in hardcore
-more CIV V achievements
-Killer is dead
-Remenber me(for god sake this pain must end)
- Dark souls II and DARK SOULS 3!!!
-XCOM 1 and 2 in hardcore way
-Ace combat assault horizon
-Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy remastered
-A Golden wake
- Inside
-Kingdom classic
-The long Dark
-Quantum Break
-Complete at least two Stellaris gamus
-Flamethrower achievement in rising storm 1
-Maybe Fallout new vegas
-The detail.
-Life is strange
-The cat lady
-Without within 2
-Bioshock infinite(yes, finally)
-Black Mesa
- and get until level 150 of CASUAL mode in TF2,but now you know the true and that is bad, gonna do something about it, just wait.

:planet:Games I normally play:planet:

World War II tour: War thunder,Company of heroes 2, Red orchestra 2 :RedStar: and Rising storm 2 (but zak that is Vietnam-oh stfu)

CSGO sometimes for money:bagofgold::bagofgold::bagofgold::bagofgold:

Warhammer 40k Eternal crusade(only when event) :tgrin::bff:

and some MMORPGS fuck mu lifu:ccskull:

:D::steamhappy::spazdunno::2016whoadude:Coops I play:D::steamhappy::spazdunno::2016whoadude:

-maybe civ V
-9 Parchments this year too

and after this:
-random game that nobody likes

Enjoy the gamus...or no:D:
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:cuteDoge:Have a nice weekend!:cuteDoge:
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