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I wanted to make a note for people not to take my Wishlist too seriously. I'm mostly using it to track interesting games, I have almost 200 >2k titles on it.

It crossed my mind that I ought to give something back to those of you that bother to look at my profile, so here you go; a few places where you can get games for cheap prices:
..and some extras (lists sales) (chance to win) (chance to win)

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Utterly marvelous! Must play for everybody! It's like Rune Factory (fantasy Harvest Moon with battle), only way better! The mesmerizing music and beautiful pixel graphics take strongly after the style of the legendary Chrono Trigger. It's still in development, with features such as multiplayer being on the horizon, so it'll be even better (somehow - hard to imagine, as it's already so good). You're free to choose your playstyle and enjoy the game the way you like to play best.

Minor spoilers below, in the form of hints and advice.
Useful things to know:
* Pushing characters let's you walk through them, useful if stuck.
* Holding SHIFT shows targeting rectangle.
* Holding your action key works as auto fire.
* Holding your primary mouse button charges some upgraded tools.
* M for map.
* Make sure your resolution is as high as your hardware supports (preferably 1920x1080).
* Paved roads and paths let you move faster.
* You can use multiple stationary tools at once.
* Animals love daily attention.
* There are hidden places.
* You lose everything (including weapon) but tools if you die in a dungeon.
* The TV is worth watching.
* You can gift NPC's.
* General Shop has a calendar in front of it.
* Save system is as it is because of good game design.
* If you still get lost, make main paths of recognizable material.
* There's plenty of things to unlock.
* Character set up (your looks) affect how NPC's initially react to you.
* You can intentionally make NPC's dislike you.
* Pulling on your fishing rod just before it hits bottom helps stabilize it.
* The backpack is on the counter.
* Cryptography texts are readable.
* Ranged weapons work by aiming with your mouse, just your cursor is invisible.
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