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Rocket League Rank: Diamond 1
Hardest Shot Shot Taken in Rocket League: 164 KM/h
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Rest Easy Tyler, You're Good to Sit This One Out, We've Got it From Here (1/22/1999 - 11/19/2017)


1----- Butterfly Knife | Safari Mesh [Minimal Wear] (Sold it Cause I can)
2----- M9 Bayonet | Damascus Steel [Field-Tested] (Sold to Upgrade)
3----- M9 Bayonet | Tiger Tooth [Minimal Wear] (Sold to Downgrade)
4----- Gut Knife | Freehand {Minimal Wear] (Sold in an angry fit after being kicked from discord and deciding to quit CS forever)


Intel Core i7-10700k

MSI RTX 3080 Gaming Trio X

32GB Corsair DDR4-3200

1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2
2TB Seagate Barracuda 7600rpm
4TB Seagate Barracuda 5200rpm

Corsair RM750x

Steelseries Aerox 3 White

Corsair K70 MK.2 w/ Corsair White PBT Double-Shot Keycaps + Rosewill O-rings

Speakers - Mackie CR-3 Studio Monitors
Game Headset - Corsair Virtuoso
Studio Headset - Focal Spirit Proffesional's
Mic - AT2020
Interface - Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Main - MSI Optix 32" 1440p 144Hz Curved Monitor
Side - HP 27" 1080p 60Hz


"You miss 100% of the shots you never take" -Wayne Gretzky

"Do or do not, there is no try" -Master Yoda

"There are decades when nothing happens. There are weeks where decades happen"
-Vladimir Lenin

--Proud to be Canadian--
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Wow what a game.
There will be spoilers ahead

This game was absoloutely incredible, I found myself becoming so immersed in the world of Detroit: Become Human and bonding with the 3 main characters, besides the incredible graphics of this game its story was beyond incredible, with so many different paths to go down, and so much replay value. You can miss entire sections of the game depending on the actions you make.

Here's where the spoilers start, in my first playthrough of this game, I had no one alive in the end, but they all made it to the final chapter. I played the game trying to be as peaceful and compassionate as possible, while still taking time to prove points when they were neccessary.

With Kara, she was executed at the bus stop because I chose to return the bus passes to the couple knowing it was the right thing to do.

With Markus, I chose to start with peaceful demonstrations and non-violence, however I executed the two police officers after the initial breakout, and assaulted the soldiers after the march, but only after they shot first. We were then killed after the soldiers stormed our camp outside of the android death camp, from choosing the peaceful route.

Connor was easily my favourite storyline of the game, the bond you can build with hank, and how it affects the end game is incredible. I did my best to befriend hank and change his mind on Androids, and in Connors second last chapter, when the fake Connor threatens hanks life, I chose to save hank, and the emotional bond truly shed its colours when he asked the two Connors what his sons name was, and I had the option to answer knowingly. Then in the final chapter after freeing the androids, I chose to commit suicide with Connor, as I felt it was the only way to truly let the Androids be free.

Overall I am extremely happy with my ending, and the only one I would change is Kara and Alice, as I felt they got caught in the crossfire of something they didn't want to be apart of, and should've lived to tell the tale. Markus and Connor dying in the ways they did was in my mind the only way for the remaining Androids to truly be able to continue to fight on, as Markus became to much of an important figure and had to die for his people to truly be recognized, and Connor would've given Cyberlife too much control over the remaining free Androids.

Overall this game was absoloutely stunning all around and I will be doing a second plathrough without a doubt. This game easily gets 10/10 on all levels. if you enjoy games where even so much as looking in a drawer can change the outcome of the entire story, this is it.
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This is What got me Into Boston University.
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+rep cs gods matched us up twice weeks apart, nice d00d
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