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Personal Achievements

First Win

1 Non-Tutorial Beginner map Win
Unlocked Dec 26, 2020 @ 12:35pm


Wins on 9 different Beginner maps
Unlocked Jan 8 @ 2:08pm

Big Monkey

Deploy a tier 4 monkey tower
Unlocked Dec 26, 2020 @ 2:47pm

Mega Monkey

Deploy a tier 5 monkey tower
Unlocked Dec 26, 2020 @ 6:46pm

Hero Time

Deploy a Hero on a non-tutorial map
Unlocked Dec 26, 2020 @ 12:35pm

Hero Powers Activate

Use any Hero Level 3 Ability
Unlocked Dec 26, 2020 @ 12:22pm

Bigger, Badder

Use any Hero Level 10 Ability
Unlocked Dec 26, 2020 @ 5:20pm

Monkey Avenger League

Win a game for 4 different Heroes
Unlocked Jan 8 @ 12:19pm


Apply your first Monkey Knowledge point
Unlocked Dec 26, 2020 @ 5:54pm


Apply 10 Monkey Knowledge points
Unlocked Dec 31, 2020 @ 6:51pm

Decorated Hero

Get 36 medals on Beginner maps
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 1:16pm


Pop 250,000 Camo bloons
Unlocked Jan 9 @ 2:38pm

Rainbow is Magic

Pop 20,000 Rainbow Bloons with Magic Monkeys
Unlocked Jan 23 @ 5:54pm

Monkey Fan Club

Create or Login to your Ninja Kiwi account to cloud save your progress
Unlocked Dec 26, 2020 @ 5:21pm


Pop 100,000,000 bloons
6,937,982 / 100,000,000

MOAB Assassin

Destroy 25,000 MOABs
7,063 / 25,000

BFB Brawler

Destroy 10,000 BFBs
977 / 10,000


Destroy 5,000 ZOMGs
45 / 5,000

Me Did A Job On DDT

Destroy 5,000 DDTs
9 / 5,000


Pop 5,000,000 Fortified bloons
7,915 / 5,000,000

Next Level

Win 1 game on an Intermediate map


Win games on 5 different Intermediate maps
0 / 5

Advanced Player

Win 1 game on an Advanced map

Epic Hero

Level any Hero to level 20

You've Got The Power

Use Powers for the first time

Power User

Use Powers 25 times
0 / 25


Use Powers 100 times
0 / 100

Knowledgeable Primate

Unlock all Monkey Knowledge in one branch

Dr. Monkey

Spend 106 Monkey Knowledge points
25 / 106

First Monkeys First

Win 10 games using only Primary monkeys
1 / 10

War Monkeys

Win 10 games using only Military monkeys
0 / 10


Win 10 games using only Magic monkeys
0 / 10

Unsung Monkeys

Win 10 games using only Support monkeys
0 / 10


Beat round 100 in Deflation mode


Beat round 100 in Apopalypse mode


Win 25 games with Alternate Bloon Rounds
0 / 25


Win 25 games on Impoppable Difficulty
0 / 25


Win 10 games in Half Starting Cash mode
0 / 10


Win 25 games against Double HP MOABs
0 / 25

Role Reverser

Win a game in Reverse mode

Medal Winner

Get all medals for a map

Red And Blue Makes...

Pop 100,000 Purple bloons
10,339 / 100,000

Our Powers Combined

Collect at least 12 different Powers
11 / 12


Win 1 Daily Challenge

Challenge Apprentice

Win 10 Daily Challenges
0 / 10

Challenge Master

Win 100 Daily Challenges
0 / 100

Perfect Week

Complete all Daily Challenges in a week

Bloons Master

Beat 1 map in CHIMPS mode

Superior Bloons Master

Beat 5 maps in CHIMPS mode
0 / 5

Ultimate Bloons Master

Beat 15 maps in CHIMPS mode
0 / 15

Super BAD

Destroy 1,000 BADs
0 / 1,000


Beat 1 map in Co-op mode

Four times the fun

Beat 1 map in 4-player Co-op mode

Triple threat

Beat 1 map in 3-player Co-op mode


Have 4 Heroes on screen at once

When the going gets tough...

Win 10 games on Hard difficulty in Co-op mode

Kind Benefactor

Give 10,000 Cash in Co-op mode

Generous Benefactor

Give 50,000 Cash in Co-op mode

Monkey Contributor

Give 100,000 Cash in Co-op mode

Monkey Philanthropist

Give 1,000,000 Cash in Co-op mode


Use 10 Powers in Co-op mode

Power overwhelming!

Use 100 Powers in Co-op mode


Use 5 Insta-Monkeys in Co-op mode

Co-op Popper

Pop 10,000,000 Bloons in Co-op mode


Complete a game in CHIMPS Difficulty with only 2 towers

Snap of your fingers

Finish a game with exactly half your starting lives and half your starting cash

Bill Greates

Send $500,000 to an ally in co-op in one go

Bloontona 500

Gain entry to 500 Races

Rookie of the year

Complete a Race in under 10 minutes

Rising star

Complete a Race in under 5 minutes

Top of your game

Complete any Race in under 3 minutes

The greatest challenge

Create or Play 200 Challenges
0 / 200

Lookin fab

Win 100 games using a skin of any Hero


Pop 200,000 Bloons on Peninsula
0 / 200,000

Bloon Master Populous

Deal 1 billion damage with the Bloon Master Alchemist
0 / 1,000,000,000

I see you

Reveal 10,000 Bloons using Shimmer
5,344 / 10,000


Place 50 Monkeys on a map at once

All for one and one for one

Win a game with only 1 Monkey on screen at any one time in any Hard Difficulty game

Master of Life

Have 1000 lives at once in a single game

What did it cost? - Everything:

Sacrifice every tower type in the game to the Temple

2 MegaPops

Complete a game of CHIMPS with more than 2 million damage dealt by one tower

A Crate Time

Open a Diamond Crate in any Collection Event

Axis of Havoc

Have one of each T5 sniper in one game of CHIMPS

Tower Keeper

Have 200 insta-monkeys in your inventory at one time

A year in the making

Open the Daily Chest 365 times

Kali Maaaaaaaa

Gain 10 levels for Adora in one round


Complete an Odyssey

Seasoned Adventurer

Complete a Hard Odyssey

No Stone Left Unturned

Complete all 3 difficulties of a single Odyssey

12 Tasks of Monk-ules

Complete 12 different Odysseys

Modysseus Rises

Complete 50 Odysseys

Modysseus Forever

Complete 100 Odysseys

Full Speed Ahead!

Complete an Odyssey in under 1 hour

All About That Bling

Purchase a Trophy Store item


Reanimate 250,000 bloons to fight on your side using the Necromancer Wizard

Living on the Edge

Win any non-CHIMPS/Impoppable game with only 1 life remaining

Freaky Friday

Use the Alchemist's Transforming Tonic abilities 100 times

Ready Player One?

Host and win 10 Co-op games

Crash of the Titans

Strip the fortifications from Fortified DDTs 3000 times

A La Code

Submit a Challenge to the Challenge Browser


Pop 1,000,000 Bloons with Dartling Gunners

Coupon Crazy

Spend at least 50 Trophies in the Trophy Store

Instant Gratification

Use a Tier 5 Insta Monkey. NOTE: even after being used, Instas still count toward your collection!

Insta Century

Use 100 Insta Monkeys

Limited Run

Purchase at least 1 new Limited Time item in the Trophy Store

Tools to Darwin

Upgrade towers 20,000 times

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