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Is this your first time?

Let SCP-173 snap your neck.
Unlocked Feb 24 @ 11:03am

Gear Up, Boys!

Respawn as Nine-Tailed Fox.
Unlocked Feb 23 @ 10:46am

It's Always Left, Brothers!

Escape as D-Class personnel.
Unlocked Feb 24 @ 11:27am

Deep Fried

Die from a Tesla Gate burst.
Unlocked Feb 23 @ 10:50am

Look! I'm a Rocket!

Kill yourself with a grenade.
Unlocked Feb 23 @ 10:53am


Pick up an O5-Keycard.
Unlocked Feb 23 @ 11:21am

Wow, really?

Die within the first minute of the game.
Unlocked Feb 23 @ 11:24am

My Cure Is Most Effective...

Cure 10 people in a single game.

Involuntary Rage-Quit

Die while entering a rage as SCP-096.


Die inside the pocket dimension.


As Class-D, kill a Scientist holding a keycard.


Respawn as Chaos Insurgency.


As a Scientist, successfully upgrade your keycard alongside any amount of Class-D.

For Science!

Escape as a Scientist.

Is This Thing On?

Broadcast a 'helpful' message via the Intercom.

Larry Is Your Friend!

Successfully escape from the Pocket Dimension.

Pew Pew!

Kill 5 enemies in less than 30 seconds.

Secure. Contain. Protect.

Successfully re-contain SCP-106

T-minus 90 seconds...

Survive a successful Alpha Warhead Detonation.

The Tables Have Turned

Disarm a MTF operative

... You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

Find any gun as a Class-D.

They Are Just Resources...

Kill 50 D-Class as a Scientist.
0 / 50

That was... close.

Cancel the Alpha Warhead detonation within the last 15 seconds of the countdown.

If you want something done right...

Kill an SCP as a Scientist.

Gravity Works Here!

Die from a fall.

Microwave Meal

Kill an SCP with the Micro HID.


Play the Halloween version of the game.

Merry Christmas!

Play the Christmas version of the game.

Escape Artist

Escape the facility in 3 minutes or under.

High on the Wings of Caffeine

Escape while under the effects of SCP-207.

Crisis Averted

Use SCP-500 when you're about to die.

Ha! I didn't even feel that!

Use adrenaline to survive a hit that would otherwise kill you.

I'll Pass, Thanks

As an SCP, kill someone who's charging or firing the MicroHID.


Try to recharge the MicroHID.

Property of the Chaos Insurgency

Liberate two or more SCP objects from the facility while escaping as a Class-D.