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Hi, welcome to my profile, my name's zDITC5

Here are some whereabouts and things to know if you wanna consider adding me as a friend.


:lasershot: My Steam is personal for me and for my friends. All of my friends are personal, and I've known most of them since childhood, so we basically grew up together.

:lasershot:I won't add you to my Friend List, in most of the cases I have to know you very well, for a long time or you must have been very good at the specific game we were playing in order for me to consider adding you.

:lasershot:If we don't speak regularly, haven't talked in a while or you're just in my Friends List as a blank space, I will delete you without previous warning.

:lasershot:It feels uncomfortable for me to have people I barely know on my Friend List , so, be aware of the rules I've written above if you're considering adding me

:lasershot:I hate people full of themselves, egoist and toxic players who don't play by the rules or in team (If it's a team game)

:lasershot:You can speak to me fluently in the following languages : RO, RU, EN, ESP, FR

:lasershot:I can understand the following languages: POR, ITA, Slavic Languages Overall.

:lasershot:I can somehow understand the following languages : Norske-Svenska, GE, HU

:lasershot:You can also find I'm active in the following Hubs : L4D2, Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, among others. I'm also active in their discussions.

:lasershot:Trying to help people on VAC Discussions, Steam Mobile Discussions, Steam Community Discussions, Русскоговорячный Форум and Foro en Español.

:lasershot:I live in Spain and my dream is living in Norway.

:lasershot:Music Lover, Series Lover and a lot of other things lover.

:lasershot:Yes, my favorite game is Counter-Strike

:lasershot:My favourite videogame company is Valve :gman:

CPU: Core i5-9300H 4.2 Ghz 4 Cores 8 Threads
RAM: Kingston x2 Modules 8GB RAM 2300Mhz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 3GB / GTX 1660 4GB

➤⠀P E R I P H E R A L S

Keyboard: Razer Huntsman Mini
Mouse: Logitech G203 800 DPI
Headphones: Logitech G435


Uplay ID: UnbekkanteKugel
Epic ID: Humandotexe
League of Legends: M4K3YOUDR34M EUW
Battle Net ID: ZDF#21671
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If you need an honest opinion, an after 19 years of playing this game , here's one

Pros :

-The game still has it's own servers and communities, even after 23 years upon release, it's still active.
-The game is super fun, and once you get the basics it's pretty awesome and delightful, I mean, giving only headshots its very very satisfying.
-The guns, the models, the maps, everything reminds of when I started playing back in 2004, I really miss the 2000's-2010's

Contras :

-Same as communities can be a pro, they can be a contra, cause the people 'managing' this communities can be extremely toxic , rude, unpolite and some real a holes some times , so be careful.
-As well as being very satisfying when you know how to play well, it can be extremely frustrating for new comers, the recoil in some weapons like the MP5 or AK47 can be very very difficult to master and to learn how to spray control them can be a journey.
-5v5 and FC: Just don't play there , it's really where you are going to get better, but it's mostly full of "Pro Players" who think they know everything about the game and just make you get angry and rage quit , it's been ages since I played a mix or a FC match (Currently H+ I think)
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