my personal pc setup
computer: yeahg
monitor: medium size
periphjeral: mouse+keyboard combo
mousepad: white tshirt
printer: hp laserjet 1020
chair: wood
creative sound blaster x
1m 3,5mm jack cable
samsung galaxy s2
micro usb cable
miro罪 Oct 24 @ 11:35am 
i love you
zelo Oct 23 @ 4:30am 
must be hard being 34 with mentality of a child
xoxo uwu Oct 22 @ 8:03pm 
thog dont caare
TTV/N1ghtShiftGam1ng Oct 22 @ 8:01pm 
I'm still gonna play dbd and whatever other game I want, and I'm still gonna stream. There is nothing you or your friends can do to stop that. No amount of videos or comments or whatever else will stop me. You will have to literally kill me to stop me. Try it
xoxo uwu Oct 22 @ 8:01pm 
most rational killer main
TTV/N1ghtShiftGam1ng Oct 22 @ 7:57pm 
Tell everyone to share it and to have their friends re-share it