boredom is a dangerous magic
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About me

• CS Bachelors Student
• From Illinois
• Gym Enjoyer


Things I like

:p2blue: Murder Mystery
:p2blue: Escape Rooms
:p2blue: Hostage Scenario
:p2blue: Asymmetrical Games
:p2blue: Anti-Heros
:p2blue: Astronomy and playing my Piano
:p2blue: Funny / Controversial steam forums / sub Reddit
:p2blue: Anime
:p2blue: Video Games
:p2blue: Shoe Gaze Music
:p2blue: Cyber punk / pop art - Winter Dread - Cathedrals - Crypts - Grave yards



You don't seem to be the lying type, too unfortunate I can read minds.

Gods of Death Love Apples
Things I Dislike

:p2orange: Boomers (both in left for dead and real life)
:p2orange: Annoying Nuances
:p2orange: Drama
:p2orange: Liars
:p2orange: Helplessness
:p2orange: Extreme Politics
:p2orange: Horror Movies


PC Specs

• RTX 2060 Super
• Ryzen 7 3700x
• 970 evo plus
• corsair vengence 32gb
• mpg 570
• Seagate 2TB


Other Games

I love to play World of Warcraft! I main Plate wearers and usually pub tank raids and do arena.

If you also play, League of Legends, my IGN: "kôdoku".

I am not good at shooter games but I also play Valorant

I like to sometimes just free build on creative mode in Minecraft


Some Bio

I was the struggling loner always growing up. A long story short, I survived nearly a decade of abuse.
Socially awkward, I found my way to a passion of playing on the computer to free me of time.
2154 is a reference to the timing of my birth and recent new moon that occurred by coincidence.
Although I am a big guy, I rather keep calm and quiet and to my self.
It's not for certain why, maybe my trauma is related, but.
I have minor prosopagnosia and mild visual snow syndrome as well as Astigmatism.
I am also gently dyslexic.

The good news though is I have recently overcome my depression which I was also diagnosed with over 11 years ago :')

I am currently now finding ways to treat my anxiety, and ADHD. My Snow Syndrome is getting worse as the years take their toll on me but I try to live every day to its fullest.

I lastly kindly ask, please do not pity me! I have done so much to finally be happy, let us celebrate instead.

Thank you for your time.
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