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The original Deus Ex, despite being published by EIDOS sixteen years ago, despite the aged graphics and inputs, yet feels incredibly modern.

The game is set in a quite close time in the future, the year being 2052. The world people used to know is changing dramatically to the worse: a plague called the Grey Death is decimating thousands around the globe, terroristic organizations are killing innocents in the streets and security forces strictly rule the everyday life of the populations.

The player will find itself in the clothes of JC Denton, a global counter-terrorism agent working for UNATCO, organization known for their massive training which goal is getting the best outcome of every possible hostile situation.

With the game progressing however, certain events will have the player question about the real intentions behind the agency, eventually leading to a world-sized conspiration brought forth by obscure individuals that act behind the scenes of politics.

The gameplay, which might feel 'surpassed' by younger players revolves around several missions which the player will have to complete in the most desired fashion: whether it is rushing with heavy weaponry through security and electronic circuits or resolving the situation in a more calculated way, using the tools the game provides to safely reach the goal of your mission without alerting anyone, it is up to the player to select its approach, meaning there is no linear path the player is forced to follow.

The ambientation and the soundtrack are highly immersive: the semi-apocalyptic aspect of this world is well complemented by the haunting music and overall dark areas of the game.

Since I had the pleasure to replay a gem of the past like this one, I can't but recommend Deus Ex. Do not be fooled by the old visuals and controls, as this game can certainly hold its own if compared to today's most games plot and gameplay depth.

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