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Wet Feet

Complete the tutorial mission.
Unlocked Mar 1 @ 3:44pm


Capture an objective as the last member of the team alive.

Turf War

Block an objective from being captured and then clear it.

Special Delivery

Destroy an enemy weapon cache using a remote explosive charge.


Successfully rig and destroy an enemy weapon cache.

First Blood

Get the first kill in a round.

Flaccid Paralysis

Kill 3 enemies with a headshot in a row.

It's All in the Reflexes

Kill an enemy with an enemy's live grenade.


Kill three or more enemies with a single grenade or explosive.

High Speed Low Drag

Kill an enemy right after performing a speed reload.

Thanks Station!

As a Commander, kill an enemy using fire support.


Kill an enemy with a knife.

Point Shooting

Kill an enemy without using weapon sights.

Knock Knock

Kill an enemy by bashing in a door.


Kill an enemy by shooting through something.


Destroy an enemy air support vehicle.

Road Hazard

Destroy an enemy vehicle with a mine.

Designated Driver

Drive a vehicle full of teammates for more than 15 seconds.

Hit and Run

Kill an enemy with a vehicle.

Mount & Gun

Kill an enemy using the mounted weapon on a vehicle.

J.R. .50

Kill an enemy driver with the mounted weapon of their vehicle.

Firefight Victory

Win a match of Firefight.

Push Victory

Win a match of Push.

Checkpoint Victory

Win a match of Checkpoint.


Purchase your first item in the Appearance menu.


Be the Most Valuable Player of a round.

Play to Win

Capture 100 objectives.
0 / 100

There For You

Call in fire support ten times as an Observer.
0 / 10


Kill an enemy while they are reloading.


Kill an enemy with the last bullet of your magazine.


Kill an enemy after blinding them with a flashbang


Kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang


Kill an enemy while vaulting.


Kill an enemy by burning them.

Semper Paratus

Navigate through chemical gas while wearing a gas mask.