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VividDerMedic: This bomb we're pushing is going to make Heroshima look like a fucking joke

thatEngiMain: don't be a dummie, be a smartie and come join the Nazi party!

five is mafia the vet's will
N1: never alert N1, come at me. you wont, no balls

Fireborn7: why of 6 afraid of 7?
Fireborn7: Six hasn't been the same since he left Vietnam. He can seldom close his eyes without opening them again at fear of Charlies lurking in the jungle trees. Not that you could ever see the bastards, mind you. They were swift, and they knew their way around the jungle like nothing else. He remembers the looks on the boys' faces as he walked into that village and... oh, Jesus. The memories seldom left him, either. Sometimes he'd reminisce - even hear -
Fireborn7: - Tex's southern drawl. He remembers the smell of Brooklyn's cigarettes like nothing else. He always kept a pack of Lucky's with him. The boys are gone, now. He knows that; it's just that he forgets, sometimes. And, every now and then, the way that seven looks at him with avid concern in his eyes... it makes him think. Sets him on edge. Makes him feel like he's back there... in the jungle.

Yumyum: why play For Honor? just go demoknight in tf2
lapis: bc for honor is good
Yumyum: demoknight > for honor
lapis: nop


E² Spout: "FACESTAB!"
E² Spout: "WOW!"
E² Spout: -quote from dumb ass in comp game

Sylic³ : I'll send my condolences to your anime wife

Crit Magnet : conglaturation

Adrian: this game is fucked
Adrian has left the game


Buttxrfly ★ : Make sure to purchase Spooky's Sissy Starter Set™ and a Sissy Master's Manual™ for the low price of $79.99

22:02:49 Yumyum: i'll trade
22:03:07 ❤ Lyra ❤: Trade What?
22:03:14 thesqrtminus1 | open med lft: my DICK
22:03:19 thesqrtminus1 | open med lft: for your ASS
22:03:22 thesqrtminus1 | open med lft: DEAL?
22:03:22 TF2Center: thesqrtminus1 | open med lft was banned from this Lobby by -SDA- Gann LFP

Yumyum: sqrt is wearing this right now
Nebulu: That's hot, does it come in blue?

solidurman30 : *DEAD* Yumyum : strawberries : *DEAD* Yumyum : *DEAD* strawberries : *DEAD* Yumyum : snipeman7 : noob

*DEAD* Surfaced Sweater Goat Prince : Buying a black slave 10 keys

maone : hitler said pass the juice NOT gas the jews


*DEAD* [Pink] Bender : im gunna tell a joke
*DEAD* [Pink] Bender : comcast working

steph : X FUCKIN D

Starka lft : TACtical FEED : all the blue team is hacker

armand_novilunio : blu team are hacking

Flash : Imagine going through 9 months of pregnancy only to give birth to a child that doesn't play the fucking objective.

Zin : I knew my Wizard 101 skills would transfer

meso farmer : spaghetti ass netcode system

Fr00t : ive seen better dm in an iron pug

Yumyum: did u see the new hats
a girl, btw: es
a girl, btw: yes
Yumyum: im not proud of myself
a girl, btw: dont tell me you bought a mario hat
Yumyum: nah
Yumyum: the other expensive one
Yumyum: xd
a girl, btw: which is?
Yumyum: that einstein one
Yumyum: the puffy hair
a girl, btw: how much was it
Yumyum: like, 7 keys
a girl, btw: chRIST
a girl, btw: or should i say
Yumyum: dont do it
a girl, btw: GREAT SCOTT
Yumyum: ffs
a girl, btw: lmfao

Milenko : Your graphics cards may be large but your dicks are still small

DZCreeper : currently dying inside, much like TF2, send help.

BONELESS PIZZA: we need to deport every mexicans

Hi: Hi

Wagh : maybe he has parkinsons so every shot is a lucky shot

Ethan slapped MARCOISHERE with 99999 damage
{SoH}Tigerstalinander: must have planted TNT in that slap

thrinkthronk : get taunted

Yumyum : 3 different people tried to kick him so far
Giratina Gaming : is he cheating?
*DEAD*(TEAM) Recluse : no, i just don't like gay people.

M A N T I S: im not gonna read that to know its some magic school bus porn


A Kid in a Spooky Hat : roses are red, these weapons suck, stop playing pyro you stupid fucks

Zangreven: I could watch the entire godfather trilogy before I respawn

Yumyum : hey, i need 2 more spy mains for my iron 4v4 team, any takers?
exilewashnseruhabadnuaueawueba : me plos

bird bro : hightower is for people who don't love themselves

(TEAM) Ethril : did you just get raped by donkey kong

Yumyum: penises are like fridges; it doesnt matter the size and shape, it matters whats on the inside
le fisherman: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Perun: Yo my girl says itz weird that i eat food on the toilet
Perun: But i think its efficient as fuck

NotSoHungryPopsicle24 : SKIT
● Yumyum : skeet
● Yumyum : skaw

Perun: decided to drive my car despite it bein fucked
Perun: lost my bumper along the way
Perun: just fell off

mafia: ew undertale fandom
Chara: no

*DEAD* zangy tangy : fucking BLACK PEOPLE
*DEAD* zangy tangy : and their EXPLOSIVES

Papa Johns: fucck you piece of fucking shit yum dum mother fucking dum yum jum puck full of fucking dum shit fuck you

*DEAD* Caper : that was noi fucking way
*DEAD* Caper : a backstab
Caper left the game (Disconnect by user.)

heckstreets1234 : hahaha pthc;:)
* PIRO NOT GIRL HE HOM0 changed name to hahaha pthc:;)

*DEAD* Beef 8) : ns
*DEAD* Yumyum : <3
Beef 8) left the game (Disconnect by user.)

Yumyum: fight me
zangy tangy: ill eat u
zangy tangy: OWO
Yumyum: dont fucking vore me
Yumyum: cunt
zangy tangy: lmfao

Just Monika: They're on their 9th season of Finding Bigfoot but they found that lil nigga Nemo in an hour and a half

*DEAD* 2Pac : I hate life

Gears4800 : wow just changed field of view to 90 its orgasmic

JoshNYC420 : this game is gay
Soviet Bear : then go play fagnite

Reli: Im messaging you on steam lololol owo <3 uwu

Yumyum : its not gay if the dick is cute
PumpkinKing : youre so right
Misk : Of course
Randy_bosss : wot

DogManJr : I think YumYum might be one of the gays

*DEAD* austinraper14 : f in spys

steph: yumyum no

nontroodpaha : *DEAD*(TEAM) Ph1zh : watch yumyum he might be snipping

✪ chuck : yum yum hits every shot

(TEAM) Neon : you people are such braindead fucking idiots
Neon left the game (Disconnect by user.)

*DEAD*(TEAM) Bob the Builder : gibus sniper stop calling for medic you little cunt
(Voice) Yumyum: MEDIC!

*DEAD*(TEAM) Jesus Stole My Nutella : Phloggy bitch on the field

Nath Gaming : turtle(don't judje meh) do you want to be my steam freind?

Haranu : emoji man put down my gun you potato head

IMCAL : *commits suicide in text form*

_Hikaru_ : jeez yumyum u mustve eaten a lot of doritos

*DEAD* Hype : meh bodyshot fegit

mint : and from that day forward, any time a bunch of animals are together in one place it's called a zoo!...unless it's a furry convention

Zeheal : boi, stop hiding in the back, you're asking for my Scorch shot to say hi to your chicken ass face

Micahlele LFT : dispenser took 3 push last

BPython : fucking kill yourself dumbass mother fucking peice of shit bitch ass fucker
BPython left the game (Disconnect by user.)

i aint gay : kick yum yum
(Voice) a magic trick: MEDIC!
Yumyum : :c
ѕ¢σρє ℓσя∂ : kick him

Lord High Ragamuffin : george foreman is the only grill i talk to

blep : u now have erectile dysfunction
Yumyum : thats tough
blep : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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