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Emanuel Diaz   Buenos Aires, Argentina
:markofkame: :majinbuu:

:Die: i dont trade my items :USstar: No tradeo mis items :Die:
:emofdr: 26 years old :d2lonedruid: Married :nekoheart:
:sense: Google :Saki_Emoticon::Eko_Emoticon:
:fervus: Osu! [osu.ppy.sh] :orb:
:sfsmile: Tumblr [keiondaisuki.tumblr.com] :ghlol:

Welcome to my Profile! :smile:
Gamer since 1997
Firts Game Played : Mortal Kombat - Sega
Final Fantasy 3 NES
Super Mario Bross 2 NES
Paradise Eve 1 & 2 psx
Resident Evil pc
Silent Hill pc

Animelover since 1995
Firts Anime Watched: Dragon ball
Slayer los justicieros -
Caballeros del zodiaco
super campeones
bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040
sakura card captors

Age: 26
date of birth: 1/20/1992

:beatmeat: I accept all random friend requests :ghlol:

:seele: feel free to add me :pbbg_waka:
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who im~ and that things u never care lol
:emofdr: Im Emanuel Diaz a Souther from Argentina who likes play online games with anyone who loves win :ghlol: yes thats important to me buddy :bandit:
btw i will make a list with data about me like everyone on steam do :FullBookshelf:

:orb: Age: 26~ Sheet im so old man (year by year)

:butterfly: Name: on internet im yuilover27 but my real name is Emanuel Diaz

:butterfly: Byname: i dont care if u want call me nigga or that nordics things i really dont care im Italian race :sfsmile:

:butterfly: Birthday: 01/20/1992 (spanish 20/enero/1992) :knight:

:butterfly: Kind: Yandere:Saki_Emoticon::shenyangj8:

:aaevil: Hobbys and that things: I really love Games, Music and Creepypastas.

:aaevil: Psicological status: man im really really mad guy :ah3petra:

:butterfly: Marital status: :phoenixheart: :2015holly: Married :2015holly: :nekoheart: with MuunKr


:smile: Yuri Ampe Boyka my bro! :D
:smile: Mollo el mollo de la gente
:smile: Linkun el ratkid del grupo
:smile: Rrobinvip
:smile: eeeeeee
:smile: Bullshit
:smile: Drow
:smile: Conde chocula
:smile: Gordus
:smile: Kondikawaii
:smile: Abel
:smile: GoRdUs batata

Our Discord : Negros gamers :angry_creep: [discord.gg]

:AlmaAngry: people that i want meet more :doggy:
:special: Hyuu
:special: Dorito Sempai
:special: Weed Fadi
:special: Patchouli
:special: TeaSky
:special: oAAAo
:special: Chudah
:special: Wonchon

:deadmanshead: Steam Sempai :fervus:
:orb: Gaturrito

:orb: Sempai on Dota 2: :Saki_Emoticon:
:pbbg_waka: Nozomu

:butterfly: im a Real Dota 2 Player, im not professional but i play for make a great team and win cups i dont just lost my time, im so busy every fucking day but always i try get some free time for play 3 or 4 matchs

:butterfly: Likes : im so weirdo and i know that i always do so strange things like take a nap in the garden, watch the star for hour, hear the wind. really.. You'd think I'm a peaceful person but none of that. i can hear dark metal or metal core and then play judy and Mary or Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (jpop) so easely. i really love the hard rock and that fucking music what no one hear on this days but also i love strange music like jpop - Black MIDI - and celtic music. i always watch creepy youtube videos and i really love horror movies.

:butterfly: dislikes: Reggaetone - regetonto - in my country the people hear reggaetone every day everynight EVERY FUCKING MOMENT! - Ratkids - peruvians in doto :bored:

:ah3petra: Chats : i really didnt start chats, dont think i dont talk is just coz im always busy and the only moment that im connect im playing doto :ghlol: but if u want talk with me do it, i will answer after. i really hate stay alone for that reason i have people for around the world in my account, chines, nippons, russians, europs, yankees, australians and new zelands and some mid asians too

:special: thats all folks

:loss: Social :badgership:

:aaevil: Facebook
:aaevil: Youtube
:aaevil: Instagram [www.instagram.com]

I want make more friends :happymeat: so fell free to add me but do not if you only want trade or that shity things or if u are a RATKID ok i gtg :doggy::AlmaAngry: see you all! :pleased: have a nice day! :phoenixheart::nekoheart:

i really hate the rat kids
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Apr 29 @ 12:29pm 
soy tu "steam senpai" jajaja, nunca lo vi

60 dias sin conectarte? :( la vida es una mierda
Necroh Apr 19 @ 6:09pm 
elimina3 papu, hace banda no te conectas.

Se te extraña :(
Ozono♎ Feb 20 @ 7:06pm 
Alta presentacion tenes ahí!
Rrobinvip Feb 15 @ 6:49am 
  ┊  ┊  ┊  ┊  ┊  ┊

:doge: 狗年大吉~
:steamhappy: Wish you happy new year~
GRIM Jan 15 @ 6:44pm 
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