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Personal Achievements

A faithful man

Drama mode is supported by all gangsters on Samuel's difficulty

A man in a card house

Plot mode dialogue with Trump after Samuel's difficulty in the final battle

Legendary warden

Customs clearance mode before the April 1, 1996 Samuel difficulty

Cancer experts

The plot mode opens the underground nuclear power station on the difficulty of Samuel

Work high efficiency

Plot mode opens the second counseling room on Samuel's difficulty

Be accomplished

Plot mode completes all branch missions on Samuel's difficulty

Almighty craftsman

The story mode is developed under Samuel's difficulty to complete all-round craftsman

The rulers of Crist

Empire occupy all positions

I'm not Samuel

Eradicating Natasha under the Empire Model (Honors)

The godfather of the Empire

Become the city's largest gangster under the Empire model

All over the world

Complete any 20 gangs missions in Empire mode

Strongest gangster

Activate all prisoners in Empire mode


Complete all leader tasks in Empire mode

The gangster

10 or more full heads in Empire mode

The light of friendship

All blood diamond prisoners in prison in any mode

Prison celebrities

Arbitrary mode of possession of all Venus prisoners within the prison


Imperial mode has all Venus prisoners in prison

Everyone loves me

Free mode with 150 NPCs in any mode


Understand all the prostitutes in the city in any mode


Eat all food in the city in any mode(Need to eat in the shop)

Carrier collector

More than 20 vehicles in any mode

The bank is my home

Success steals all banks at all levels in any mode

Chivalry Robber

One card stealing success in any mode

Stocking tycoon

Over 1 million pairs of socks processed in any mode

King of underwear

More than 100,000 sexy lingeries processed in any mode

Drug trafficker

More than 10,000 methamphetamines processed in any mode

The king of the arm

More than 1000 RPGs processed in any mode


Wardens carry more than 10 million in money


Wardens carry more than 100 million in money

Clear heart

Wardens carry money to reach 9.9 billion

A novice warden

Half-time in the game in any mode

Senior warden

Spend one year in the game in any mode

Warden skilled

Three years in the game in any mode

Legend of little waves

Fifteen years in the game in any mode!

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