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Hello, I'm Yoyoness or Yoyo for short, and welcome to my profile! Feel free to add me, but please comment the reason why on my profile or else it will be ignored. Additionally, if I have added you without explaining why, please ask me why in my comments. Thanks for stopping by!
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Resident MvM Demoknight Main

3/11/2020 - Completed all 98 missions of Potato.tf's Madness vs. Machines campaign as Demoknight
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Top scored on Botbash as pure demoknight with a 228 killstreak. The Two Cities meta is dead.
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Trade Offer URL
My SteamRep Profile [steamrep.com]
My Rep.tf Profile [rep.tf]
My Backpack [backpack.tf]
My Bazaar.tf Page [bazaar.tf]
My MvM Loot Price Calculator [docs.google.com]

I'm usually looking to buy MvM loot as long as I have pure. This includes robot parts, fabricators, basic killstreak kits, but not australiums. My rates are listed below. You can use my MvM Loot Price Calculator to save yourself the hassle of calculating it yourself.

MvM Loot Rates:
- Reinforced Robot Parts - 1 weapon each
- Battle-Worn Robot Parts - 0.66 ref each
- Pristine Robot Parts - 1.11 ref each
- Basic Killstreak Kits - 7 ref each
- Fabricators - Varies, add me to discuss or use my spreadsheet.

Anything else I'm selling can be found on my backpack.tf page or bazaar.tf page.

Thanks for reading!
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the mvm harem sends its regards, king
Lochy Mar 10 @ 10:01pm 
powerful being
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mmm, gamer
bupid stitch Jan 22 @ 8:40pm 
most epic demo of all time e
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mvm yo
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