Micah   United States
Little is known about him other than he was a kamikaze pilot during World War II, and that he is the champion of the Illegal Crawfish Racing Olympics. He has also trained his own genetically modified crawfish (It was found out later that they were ordinary mice) to win the Crawfish Olympics.

He has won 6,001 races and has lost -30. Even though he is the champion of the Crawfish Olympics, Alpha Centurion AKA The Shaman has 293,999 more wins than him. He is also the only contender in the Crawfish Olympics to have lost a negative amount of times.

My discord: https://discord.gg/QrPdJQP
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晚上好~最近功課都特別忙,都沒時間回覆太家,我不是刻意不回覆的,抱歉了:( (這是群發,如果不想回就無視吧,就只是講一下原因)
L.H.H. Dec 31, 2018 @ 7:57am 
新年快樂~ 新年有什麼願望呢?
我的願望就是能找一個漂亮的女朋友 :P
因為太多人了所以用群發了 :P
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