I forgot   United States
I play video games a lot, and I make videos sometimes.
I'm not accepting friend requests
:summer2019tire: I'm not accepting any friend requests at the moment, I'm really sorry if you wanted to friend me. Whenever I friend people, I never really want to play anything with them after I meet them, then they just end up sitting on my friends list for the rest of time.

:summer2019tire: I'm not trading anything, I'm sorry if you were interested in buying some of my items.
Order of all unusuals unboxed:
Taunt: Battin' a thousand / Screaming Tiger
Taunt: The Carlton / Skill gotten gains
War Paint: Cabin Fevered / Hot (MW)
Taunt: The High five / Screaming tiger
Hat: Noble Assatment of Hats / Circling TF Logo
War Paint: Bloom Buffed / Isotope (MW)
War Paint: Totally Boned / Cool (FT)
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jaredthespy Aug 15 @ 4:18pm 
hello Steemy
Greb Aug 10 @ 8:40am 
I would like to add you because you seem quite chill and are a cultured gamer.
Toyota Rav 4 Aug 9 @ 3:43pm 
Underrated youtuber
Stress Monster Aug 8 @ 12:49pm 
Hey Steemy just wanted to say that I really liked your content and was wandering if I could friend u
Plucky Aug 7 @ 11:57pm 
you reek of evil >:3
Regret Jul 15 @ 2:16pm 
really great guy, had a blast on mvm +rep