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Summary Of the Game:

From the Makers of Titan Quest II, Grim Dawn is a fast paced Action RPG from Crate entertainment, and is arguably the successor to the beloved Diablo II. From Early Access to its current state (v1.0.0.9), Crate has been actively updating their game, adding more content, smoothing out bugs, balancing items and masteries, and has overall made this game an extremely pleasant experience.

It is truly a game to behold, as it is not only end game focused (Unlike Diablo 3), it provides the player with Three Difficulty settings (Albeit veteran is a modifier to the "Normal" Difficulty, so I will not count it here.), each with the same story and progression. The experience gain is adequate to provide enough levels to be able to progress at a moderately fast pace, however on Hardcore mode that is a different story (I will get to that later.) It may be linear and may get a little repetitive due to the same story-line and progression three times, however the end-game content is worth mentioning. There are three challenge dungeons, each with different types of enemies (One is Aetherial, one is Cthonic, and one is Undead), while some are harder than the others (E.G the aetherial one is harder than both the other ones combined). It provides an adequate challenge to those geared and ready to face the most difficult areas in the vanilla game, however my one gripe is that for a build to be Ultimate (Hardest Difficulty level) Viable, it is required to play a game of "How do i maximize all of my resistances so I do not get One-Shot by a boss or hero." And sadly, many builds are not top tier and therefore cannot survive through ultimate, (Unless you enjoy hurting yourself).

The game also provides a wide variety of side-quests, ranging from secret-ultra bosses (I won't spoil them for you) to finding people such as a blacksmith or an apprentice which helps you break down unnecessary gear (although these can be argued as the "necessary" side quests as they provide major benefits a player cannot go without in late-game.)

There are a number of masteries, namely Demolitionist, Shaman, Soldier, Nightblade, and Occultist (With more to come in the expansions), and you can have two of each, so it provides an extremely wide variety of gameplay and mechanics that are extremely fun to play through (There are 15 combinations. With the two masteries being added in the expansion there will be much more.) There is a "Devotion Tree" Which is much like Path of Exile's passive skill tree (Less extensive however there is much more to be added) With a specific mechanic of having to go through specific minor devotions to reach the greater "Celestial" devotions. The masteries also come with a variety of abilities that complement each other in their own unique way, some are non-viable, and others are downright overpowered. Overall, gameplay and variety is amazing.

Now, onto the aforementioned Hardcore mode: This mode is for those who enjoy some insane level of anxiety, because if you die, its game over. Hardcore mode is a single-life campaign/Co-op mode, with all the same difficulties and story progression, but you are only allotted a single life. If you die, all of your resources and gear goes with you. This provides an added level of challenge to those brave souls out there who are willing to torture themselves constantly. I, personally, am not a fan of HC (Hardcore) however there are those who stand by it. To each their own. This provides a wide variety of challenges to newcomers and players who seek something new. (Not recommended for beginners or those who are just joining the game. I myself have been on forums, the GD subreddit etc and have been playing for a while and I'm still not ready.)


Onto the Crucible DLC: Essentially a wave based survival "DLC" that provides a lot of gear and resources for the player if they are able to make it through the 150 waves. Obviously, like other wave-like game types, each wave becomes harder and harder. The hardest difficulty here is Gladiator, and if your build is a top tier ultimate viable build, this mode will put it to the ultimate test. Bombarding you with enemies, heroes, nemesises (One type of ultra-boss), Secret Bosses and End-game bosses all at once is not only a test of your tankiness but also you damage output. There are several game mechanics here that come to your aid though. There are points you may spend called "Tributes" To create towers that aid you in battle, giving you necessary buffs or damage dealers to come to your aid. You may also buy "blessings" which give you many effects, ranging from offensive to defensive, also giving a substantial boost (Although they are expensive at 12 tributes. Recommended for Gladiator difficulty.) Overall, crucible is a great DLC, however some view it as Gimmicky. You may or may not like it, but at about $5, its definitely worth a try.




Gameplay: 9/10
Has a lot of sidequests and mechanics. Also interesting story.
Big issue here is that on the hardest difficulty many builds are not viable and it becomes a game of "I need to max my resistances so I don't die instantly."
Beats Diablo 3, Basically a successor to Diablo 2, on par if not greater than path of exile.

Minor gripe: Animations not very polished. Not a very flashy game like D3 but then again, its not a triple A dev team.

Replayability: 8.5/10
Same story becomes stale after a number of runs, however the sheer number of builds provide a lot of variety and the playstyles provided create a change of pace.

DLC: 7/10
Wave based game mode that challenges players with the hardest bosses at later levels. Provides amazing loot and is great for players who want a greater challenge. Wave based style may not be for everyone.

OVERALL Score: 8.5/10

Extremely Good Game and one of the best ARPG's to Date

I only have 100 hours into the game (Only one character to level 85 and I still have a lot of side quests to go. That shows how much gameplay there is) but its safe to say that this game is pretty amazing; a must have for any enthusaist of the ARPG genre.
Posted March 26, 2017. Last edited January 1, 2018.
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Just like TF2 in the fact that valve refuses to fix their game. 64 tick, hitregistry, cheating... Also I'm running a beast of a computer and can't even get over 200 fps on Dust 2 or Mirage on 1024x768 all low settings while I can comfortably run DooM at 1440p ultra with over 100 fps...

I NEED MOAR SKINS. I NEED SKINS. GIVE ME ALL OF THE SKINS... Actually those are worthless too since the economy died from the gambling ban.

This game needs to die. Don't buy it.
Posted January 28, 2017.
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SOMEHOW they screwed the Optimization even more. Not only will your CPU throttle, overheat, and die because the entire engine only uses one CPU core at around 70%, and the rest at 20-30%, but your graphics card will NOT help one bit. I have an i7 4770k OC'd to 4.2 GHz and a R9 390X, and for the love of GOD I can't run this game EVEN on all low settings @ 1080p. Literally unplayable. When it was actually somewhat playable, I enjoyed my 70 hours thoroughly, good mechanics, realistic bullet trajectories and muzzle velocities, flight mechanics, anything you'd want in a good mil-sim shooter. Optimization let this game down, and Bohemia Interactive has NOT done anything in the past two years to fix the optimization, and they still REFUSE TO DO SO. But If you can enjoy playing at a maximum of 20 fps, I would recommend it.

5/7 Not Enough Frames
Posted September 11, 2016.
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Early Access Review
Amazing Grindfest. 100% of the work you do will be wiped and you have to start over again multiple times. In the 100 hours i've put into this game, i can tell you that this game will not be fun for new players. It's almost like a full time job. To be able to do absolutely ANYTHING, you have to grind for at least 4 hours a day with a group of people. Of my 100 hours of playing, only about 3-4 hours were fun events like raiding or pvp'ing.
Posted July 30, 2016.
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Early Access Review
Optimization is so trash that it's literally unplayable. I get below 30 fps on the lowest settings ( I have an R9 390X, which can run other games 60+ fps on 1440p just fine.) Fix this and i'll change my opinion.
Posted July 30, 2016.
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Early Access Review
Amazing moba. Basically Dota 2 in Space

Posted April 18, 2015.
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Planetside 2 - an MMOFPS and only one of its kind.



This game, over its 7 years on steam, has been an absolute joy to play. Back in 2012 when the numbers reached 10,000+ players and I was running it on an old laptop with an i3 and integrated graphics, I still loved the pace and style of this game. By no means is Planetside 2 perfect, or close to perfect even. However, by all means is it fun to play. Let me give you a little glimpse into what Planetside 2 has to offer and why it's better than any other shooter you've played:

  1. This game is a combination of Halo, Titanfall and Tribes Ascend. You can play as multiple different classes with different niches. Light Assault has a jet-pack, with multiple different setups to let you cover ground quickly or to reach tall heights. This game offers verticality and fast paced combat for those who want it, and a linear playstyle with other classes for those that want a different playstyle. The combat in this game ranges from quick 12v12s at a base to a 50+ man slugfest at a biolab.

  2. Vehicular gameplay is also present in this game for those who prefer to shred their opponents with tanks and air combat. It's much like battlefield in its wide selection of tanks and air vehicles, however their mechanics differ wildly depending on the factions that you choose.

  3. The faction system leads to not only a wide variety of options with weapons, but also provides players with constantly new gameplay.

  4. It's free and VERY MUCH NOT pay to win. The grind in this game isn't at all boring or difficult (unless you're new to shooters entirely) and everything that can be bought with Daybreak Cash (in game premium currency) can be bought with Certs (in game regular currency.) In my 250 hours I've maxed out 2 classes on basically each faction but I still have a long way to go on unlocking all the weapons in this game. Getting a new weapon is similar to the amount of time it takes to grind out a new champion in League of Legends I would say. Most things people use their DBC (daybreak cash) on are cosmetic items.

  5. You can play this game either by yourself or in an organized platoon of 36+ members carrying out tactical missions like some insane hit squad. This is one of the main reasons I got into this game and why I'm still a part of it. The community is fantastic if you're a casual player or a hardcore player. Watching a Platoon of 36+ people roll out and aid in a base invasion is ridiculously satisfying, and so is going solo.

  6. Gunplay is very balanced and polished, most guns are either sidegrades or downgrades to the default, however depending on the situation different guns fill different roles. The defaults are jack of all trades, master of none I'd say. There are very few cheaters, and I rarely get ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t deaths (ahem I'm looking at YOU battlefield).

  7. The map is open world, and is absolutely huge. There is an Alert system that gives out rewards to the player for winning a faction war and controlling most of the map, and there are air alerts as well that give out rewards for controlling a point of interest for the longest time. These alerts incentivize aggressive play and up the ante in an otherwise team-deathmatch styled open world game. Furthermore, there are different Continents to fight on. You have a total of 3 continents which are each suited to different areas. Esamir, the ice/snow continent, is far more open than the other two maps, leading to a more vehicle oriented continent, Indar, the desert continent, has both open and more tight spaces, leading itself to be a balance between infantry and air, and same for Hossin, the jungle continent.

However, not everything in this game is pretty and polished and fun. There are plenty of reasons to dislike the game (but not enough to outweigh the fun or whether or not you should try it out.):

  1. The big issue is the amount of grinding it takes to level up vehicles and get them to an optimal loadout. I mentioned that gunplay was fair and balanced, however the vehicles in this game are a whole other beast. If you're a vehicle player in battlefield for example, you can't expect to hop in to Planetside 2 and expect to stomp with vehicles. The base vehicles given to you in this game are barebones and mostly suck until you kit them out.

  2. Spawn systems are a bit wonky and not what you are used to. I personally like it, as it strays away from the norm of just popping in out of nowhere in other games. You have mobile spawnpoints, and you can use the "instant action" button to get into a fight fast but it's not a good option. The spawn system slows the game down a fair bit if you don't have them setup.

  3. This game might be hard to get into for new players because veterans will absolutely destroy you in your first couple of hours. It's not as big a skill gap as say, CSGO, but it's still rage inducing when you get destroyed by a player who knows all the mechanics and has practiced them for hundreds of hours. And since there's no "matchmaking" you'll constantly be bombarded by vets and new players alike. Take that as you will. Since I have had experience in games like CSGO and other shooters, I didn't have much of an issue getting started and getting a fair number of kills. Your results may vary.

  4. The tutorial is god awful. Just...don't. Google how to get out of it fast using instant action or something. I don't quite remember the exploit to skip the tutorial but please for the love of god skip it.

  5. With such a large number of players, it oftentimes turns into a numbers game and a battle of attrition in the big fights. A single player won't make much of a difference in battles of 90+ players on each side but you can make more of a difference in smaller battles. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I personally like small-medium fights and you can find many around the maps. Big fights are just not for me and they may not be for you either. (NOTE: If you do play in a platoon and have an organized team you may be able to sway the large battles to your faction's favor using flanking tactics and taking out their holds on the chokepoints in certain areas. This can feel very rewarding, but if you're solo, soloing large fights isn't much fun IMO.)

  6. The game may feel stagnant at times not during Primetime (Usually around the weekends/friday evenings is when primetime starts and the player numbers spike... for obvious reasons.) which is all the more reason to play, because more players = less stagnation and more constant battles. Part of the reason of the stagnation is because of the large map and many fronts to fight battles on. They combat this by using continent locking to get all players onto a single continent

Overall Score

I give this game a solid 8.75/10. The only one of its kind, it is addicting to play and will make a longtime fan out of any player willing to put some time into learning the game. The gunbattles are crazy fun and theres something to satisfy every type of gamer who plays first person shooter, whether it be a tactical player who plays games like arma3 and Squad, or casual players who play battlefield or anything in between.

Note: A lot of the veterans in this game dislike the updates and the membership practices that Daybreak games uses. Take that with a grain of salt. I personally have not spent a single dime on this game and I find it fantastic and very fun to play.
Posted June 15, 2014. Last edited May 24.
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