Why My PP Hard
Dixie Normous   California, United States
Hey there! :cozybethesda:

Here are some Dank Scamming attempts:

FROST [IMPERSONATOR ALERT!]: Hello are you there

Illuminati |Trade.Tf|: yes

FROST [IMPERSONATOR ALERT!]: Hello I want to buy your unusual hat but I
want to make sure it's clean first, do you happen to have a trusted friend?

Illuminati |Trade.Tf|: jesus christ dude

is LOVE [Trade]: you have D&P?
Occipital Rush: d&p?
is LOVE [Trade]: yes
Occipital Rush: what is d&p?
is LOVE [Trade]: can u check you items on inv and send me screen ?
is LOVE [Trade]: if the knife is green I take
is LOVE [Trade]: for 330$
Occipital Rush: im not downloadikng chrome extensions
is LOVE [Trade]: why?it's like steamhelper
is LOVE [Trade]: well ok
Occipital Rush: just go on csgo exchange and put in my steam id and inspect my knife
is LOVE [Trade]: then sry
Occipital Rush: and if it has a red name in there
Occipital Rush: its stolen
Occipital Rush: i can guarantee it isnt
Occipital Rush: but you can make sure
is LOVE [Trade]: I can't be sure . in your purchase
Occipital Rush: i'm not downloading anything on my end
Occipital Rush: sorry m8
is LOVE [Trade]: just scan and you can delete .
Occipital Rush: sorry but no
is LOVE [Trade]: k
is LOVE [Trade]: great a day
Occipital Rush: i know this kind of scam, and i'm not doing it
is LOVE [Trade]: well ojk
is LOVE [Trade]: it not scam
Occipital Rush: sure buddy :)
is LOVE [Trade] is now Offline.

Garruk [Searching any knives]: hi
Occipital Rush: ?
Occipital Rush: inventory is private
Occipital Rush: make it not private
Garruk [Searching any knives]: its matter?
Garruk [Searching any knives]: i dont wanna trade
Occipital Rush: you are reported
Garruk [Searching any knives]: i wanna buy your knife
Occipital Rush: you dont even own csgo
Occipital Rush: buddy fuck off
Garruk [Searching any knives]: ..
Garruk [Searching any knives]: bye
Garruk [Searching any knives]: retard
Garruk [Searching any knives] is now Offline.

Plat Snipers I had fun with:


^ When you dunk on someone so hard that he asks to fight you IRL.

Hy0n - profile got VACced, and Source Mod Anticheat banned him off a community server...sooo

Nyxi - this guy's pretty legit.

Sniper v Sniper is cancer. Don't do it. If you're part of a SvS community you need to off yourself.
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ahaha see you later sp ic
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Sucks major dong in Tekken.
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Homeward bound in 24 hours, Dixie!!!
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Def not Thalash
SamEar | Gangstar Mar 25 @ 10:14pm 
"red are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s" "I'm good at carrying"