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dazed: this yosh guy cannot be more than a dmg
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6LACK froot Jul 21 @ 2:22pm 
you have teleported yoshzk
yoshzk has suffocated.
mae Jun 20 @ 9:26pm 
worm god
-MaxFo03 May 21 @ 10:50am 
would like to send an offer, so I added :)
Darth Chicken Gaming Mar 22 @ 8:49pm 
added for trade
yikes Mar 3 @ 8:03pm 
So you're going by 'yosh' now nerd? Haha. It's Jake, from high school. Whats up douchebag? Remember me? Yeah I bet you do. Sorry that me and the other guys gave you such a hard time. What can I say, you were just an easy target. Anyways I can tell not much has changed with you, loser. Playing games all day and not having a job? Haha I make 200k a year and drive a brand new mustang GT. Guess some things never change. Later, I've got some chicks to bang nerd.