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Posted: Jul 24, 2018 @ 12:20am
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Dungeon Rankers is a small roguelike RPG with turn-based battles that pits you against 98 other AI opponents each round in an all-out battle royal and dungeon-crawling game.

Each dungeon has 8 floors, with a red flag at the final floor that if you capture, you win that particular dungeon crawl. Otherwise, you have to try to survive as long as possible against all of these opponents, who are entirely hostile to you and to each other. If you rank within the top ten survivors, you earn a predesignated number of points, you also earn bonuses by slaying 10 or more Rankers that round, or getting the Winner’s Flag on the final floor, but the flag only appears when you are the only survivor.

Each floor is not particularly large, but you need to avoid or fight mobs and other Rankers in order to progress. The dungeon floors have random spawning of loot that you see on the floor, along with a map you can collect as well as a candle light each floor. The candle lights up the area around you so you can see better, whereas the map shows you a minimap of the floor, including the location of the exit. You have a few equipment slots that automatically equip the first thing you pick up in that group. After that, you can pick up more, and you just need to change the equipped item in the inventory to use it. Each time you change equipment, be it one piece or everything on your body, it takes up one turn.

When you start, you have nothing, only your basic stats on each run. And you try to gather enough equipment/spells etc to best out match your opponents and the other randomly spawned creatures on that floor.

The reason it is important to know the exit is because each floor gives you 200 turns, and the dungeon warns you that the floor is about to be “closed off” if you get close to 200 turns. Once you reach this milestone, Ravagers show up and they come straight for you. If you manage to get away from them, you can still exit the floor and explore/fight the next. If you try to confront them, they destroy you instantly. So while you can use your turns to stand in one place and try to heal a little, or try to find more mobs/Rankers on the floor to engage, you want to keep close eye on your turn total and find the exit as soon as possible.

The ranking system tabulates all of your previous runs and totals the amount of points you have earned. And when you earn enough points to be no longer in the bottom 10 Rankers, you unlock another play mode. I have yet to unlock this mode because I keep dying around the 50 or so rank consistently, thus my total points is still zero. But the weakest AI Rankers all have a few points. It would be nice to be allowed to play this mode without needing to rank up through the first mode. There seem to be some kind of an egg-type pickup that allows you to upgrade your ranker in the very minimal meta-game that allows you to name your Ranker, change his/her appearance (which is very pixelated and blocky, the changes are mostly color and minimal details) as well as give him/her an upgrade based on your finds. I have yet to find any of these, though from what I understand, this will only be in the adventure mode for the game.

This game is very difficult, so you want to be prepared to die… a lot. The starting arrangement is completely RNG based, and every once in a while you will get poor RNG with initial spawnng that gets you killed within seconds. Even longer runs do not last too long, but of course the game is completely turn-based, you can start and walk away for 2 hours, and the game will still be there. But a typical run should last anywhere from 2-10 minutes. The game is a quite nice minimalistic pixelated roguelike and can keep you entertained for a while. The game should be played in short bursts, in my opinion. But if you get hooked on it, the short runs could keep you occupied for a long time without you knowing.

The graphics are very basic, pixelated, minimalistic, and dungeon floors are rather monotonous, this is similar to many other small roguelikes. The music and sound effects are befitting for this game.

Controller works very well for this game, or you can choose to use the keyboard. The game does not work with a mouse.

If the game introduced achievements, it may motivate the player to keep playing. But this is not necessary, the internal ranking system is enough to motivate the player, I think.

There is a small bug I encountered, is that when bringing up another Windows element, such as the browser, sometimes the game freezes. Since each run is short, this really does not matter too much, but if you have a good run, try to keep this in mind.

This is a really nice little game, good for short spurts (or lengthy sittings if you get hooked) and it is fun to play. It is very difficult so be prepared for that, there is definitely a learning curve and while I am still waiting for my first victory or even my first ranking point, I am really enjoying this game. And I would recommend it.

Disclaimer: The copy of the game was provided by the publisher, however, it did not influence my opinion in any way.
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AlterEgo45 Aug 11, 2018 @ 10:33am 
Once you get to rank 50, you're in a position where you should have a good spell and be able to hit hard enough to wear out most AI opponents. You're not far from breaking off a win IMO. A lot of the early game is making the other rankers wear themselves out by dancing around until they encounter other rankers or monsters.

Also the AI players never get 10 kills which nets you a lot of points, so you'll find you'll have an edge over them in the end.

Now the Egg game is hard as hell. But I guess it should be seeing that it will forever make the Royale game less challenging after that once you succeed in it.
yoshirules Jul 24, 2018 @ 4:29pm 
Thanks to YQMaoski :slscream:
Punkster Jul 24, 2018 @ 3:34pm 
Best Review I've EVER Read. :HeroesFist: