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Posted: Sep 28, 2018 @ 7:46am
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Tactics Maiden Remastered is a turn-based strategy game within a medieval fantasy setting. The scan was originally released for tablets. The developers created a remastered edition for Steam.

the game does have a story, but it is not important for the gameplay. You jump from scenario to scenario in the game.

In the beginning, you select two heroes, you also choose what class they will have.

In each battle, different units carry different colored flags. Yours are blue, enemy units are red. On the battlefield, there are different objects. One is a pillar, which will become yours if you stand on it for one turn. If a unit rests on this pillar for a time, it can regain some hit points. It also gives you an option to recruit one more unit four slots the pillar is yours.

In addition, there are tents. Yours are blue, here you can recruit new units. The top portion of the screen shows you how many units you can have. Your enemies will emerge from the red tents. You can capture enemy tents by standing on the tent for one full turn. The red tent will become blue. You do have to be careful, because your enemies can take over your territory as well. If an enemy has no more tents, they can no longer respawn new units.

If a unit is defeated in battle, they will not die permanently. You only lose the ability to use them for a few turns. You just have to choose another unit in the tent.

You can select units from different classes, such as archers, marksman, rogues, etc. There are a total of 25 classes.

Every turn you move your units individually. After that, you can attack. If you moved your character and you do not like the end position, you can easily redo this. This is a nice feature.

After you win the scenario, you will return to your home base. Here you can manage things like hire mercenaries, distribute skill points, buy weapons and armour.

You can save whenever you want, and you can have multiple save files.

The game does offer a very good tutorial which should be played first.

Game can be fully played with a mouse.

Graphics and Sounds
Graphics are retro-style with colorful tiles and nice character designs. The sound effects are average and music is all right.

This is a remastered version of a tablet game. The game offers 90 different scenarios, to offer plenty of gameplay and to justify its price. This is a good example of a game for which a developer put enough effort to bring it over to the PC. The game requires a fair amount of strategical thinking. While it is not casual, it is also not actually difficult. If you enjoy turn-based strategy games, this is worthwhile for you to look into. I have enjoyed the battles in this game, and I would recommend it. 8/10.

Here's a brief video of some gameplay:

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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