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DUNGEONS OF CHAOS is a retro-style pixelated RPG with turn-based battles. It is meant to be a tribute to the old school RPGs of the 80s. This game is developed by a single developer and the game is huge.

The story begins when an evil master summons his minions to take over the world. Parnosz is to Lord Aldrich as Merlin is to Arthur. Lord Aldrich helps to save the townsfolk by letting Parnosz open up a portal to take them to a faraway land, away from the currently brooding evil. Lord Aldrich decides to stay behind to face the incoming tides. He tells everyone he will follow soon, but after a week of being sent away, there is no news. Wortas is a former soldier who helps train new recruits, and 6 new individuals form a party to take missions from Parnosz and others.

The game starts with a fresh part of 6, you can either use the default party (recommended for first-time players) or you can create your own. You can also watch some linked playthrough videos to get an impression of the game works in general.

The battles are turn-based, and there are no random encounters. You come across enemies on the screen and then with contact, you go to a battle screen. Here you control individual characters of your party, and you can use one action per turn (move, attack, cast spell, wait, etc.). All battles give you experience points that will help you level up.

The battles themselves can be rather slow, because you command each character individually. Your characters start on the left side of the screen, and your enemies start on the right. Each character can move only one square per turn, and for the melee characters to engage in combat, you have to go through quite a few turns just moving before the fight starts there. Of course ranged weapons will reach farther, as will offensive spells. The battlefield may be too large for this game because the length to engagement for these melee characters.

Fortunately you can set the battle to automatic and this will speed things up. You can also choose to set any/all of your characters to automatic, so if there is mindless fighting you can almost skip everything.

As you level up, you will receive talent points along with some stat boosts. The talent points can be used to train new skills.

The game employs a day-night cycle, so your gameplay and movement strategies will change based on that as well.

There is a lot of loot, stashes, and equipment to be found. You must equip each item for each character individually. There is no way to automatically equip the best gear. You have to take each item in your inventory and compare to what you are currently wearing. This is a bit tedious and takes a lot of time.

Resting can be anywhere, any time. You can choose different options, such as rest until healed, rest until mana is restored, etc.

Each area has a map, with a much larger world map. You can look at the map of your explorations of the area you are in, so if you get lost in a large area, you can look at a map to regain your footing. You can also search around anywhere at anytime. You may be lucky and find something.

There are different people who give you quests, some are related to the storyline, some others are side quests.

Each game saves into a save-slot, there are multiple available.

One really big bonus for a game of this size is the slew of player options. You can almost customize settings to every little detail. I really like this that the developer has given the player the freedom to play as they wish.

The game can be played with a mouse and keyboard. I think keyboard only is also reasonable. The game cannot be played with a controller.

Graphics and Music
The graphics are in retro-style pixel art, and looks fairly nice. The font is variable in size, sometimes perhaps a little too big. This can be overwhelming. The music is very relaxing and nice. Some sound effects can get repetitive, but they can be turned off.

DUNGEONS OF CHAOS is a very large game with many hours of gameplay. It is an hommage to the old school RPG games and reminds me a bit of Ultima IV. It is unique game that has the buzz tag "roguelike" on the store page, but I wouldn't really call it one. It's more like a standard turn-based RPG. The fact that a single developer wrote this entire game is absolutely stunning. Some areas could use improvements, for sure, but overall this is a good game. The pricing is reasonable given the size of the game as well. I would give this game 7.5/10 and I would recommend it.

Please see below for a brief YouTube video from the beginning of a new game:
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