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Posted: Aug 25, 2018 @ 3:02pm
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Early Access Review
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Low Magic Age is turn-based tactical strategy game.

The game is still in Early Access. The developers have added a lot of contents since it's original release on Steam.

At this moment there are 2 gameplay options (Arena and Adventure).

Arena (this was the original mode in this game, when it was released)
Here you can use a default party or set up your own party. Your party will fight against various enemies in a gridded battle screen. There are different challenges that are show to you. You will face a boss if you have completed all of the challenges. After the boss, new challenges will pop up. As the name of Arena suggests, this just keeps going. If you don't like the challenges you can refresh it to get new ones, but it will cost you money to do this.

You will gain experience points to level up and can go to the shop with your earned money to buy better gear for your party.

Your party can have up to 6 units. and all battles are turn-based. If you want to hit an enemy unit the game will show you the percentage of your success chances and how much damage you will do.

If one of your units die, they are only out for the current battle. They will be there again for the next one.

If you like grinding for levels and better gear this mode is very fun to play.

Adventure (this mode is still in Beta)
The adventure mode starts out with a built in tutorial, and you can choose from 4 difficulty settings. You can also change the density of monsters, level up speed, among a few other options.

You will have to select a party of up to 6 members. You can select premade characters or create your own. All characters have different races and classes. There are many to choose from.

You party needs supplies every day. And when you go camping to heal all your hit points you need even more supplies. So be sure to have enough supplies!

The game has a day-night cycle. Time will only run if you move.

You will begin your adventure on a randomised worldmap. Most of the map is black when starting, you need to explore to uncover more of it. On the map you will find towns (buy supplies, go to a tavern, hire new recruits, buy weapons and armour, etc). In addition, towns will give you quests. By fulfilling quests you will get a higher reputation and relationship with the townsfolk.

Also on the map are dungeons, caverns, abandoned buildings, random enemies, etc. If you enter a dungeon or cavern, your map view will change. You will switch to dungeon crawling, going from room to room, trying to explore them all. You can find chests, monsters, traps (can be disarmed). Before you enter an unexplored room you can listen and hope to find out what is in that room. If you need to heal up you can camp and restore some hitpoints. If you encounter a battle, you have to defeat the monsters. Battles are turn-based, as in the Arena. You can attack, defend, use magic or skills. You can also decide to delay your turn or flee.

At the top of the screen, you can see the sequence of character turns and where in the queue your enemies have their turns as well.

If your units die you can resurrect them in a city (this depends on which difficulty level you are playing). If all your units die, it will be game over.

You can play this game with a mouse and a keyboard. The controls are very simple to learn.

Are very pleasant to look at. For this genre the game has rather colorful graphics.

Low Magic Age is by no means an easy game. To win battles you need some good strategy and also luck. There is so much to do. After 10 hours I have yet to see all that the game has to offer. So if you are a fan of turn-based tactical battle games and enjoy a challenge, this is a gem of a find for you. The game is priced fairly. If you like a more casual turn-based game, this game might frustrate you, because it is not easy. And sometimes the RNG works against you. I would highly recommend it otherwise.
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yoshirules Aug 25, 2018 @ 3:56pm 
Yes :) The game is more fun now
Chris P. Bacon Aug 25, 2018 @ 3:52pm 
Nice to see adventure mode has been added. I'll have to try this game again.