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Golden Krone Hotel is a procuderal generated roguelike dungeon crawler with permadeath. And a very good one. There is not much of a story to go on, but each run you have only one mission, to kill Fane, the exiled vampire prince.

In this game, you choose a difficulty setting to begin. Easy mode does not make it an easy game, so this is a good place to start.

There are 11 classes to unlock, playing through and collecting keys in previous runs will unlock other classes. You can only play as the officer in the begining.

Each dungeon undergoes procedural generation, so every run feels different. The difference is evident in not just floor layout, but what is found on each floor. There are potions, gear, and grimoires containing your choice of magical spells or increase your max-mana. most potions are unidentified and in order to find out what they do, you need to use them to find out.

The dungeon has 10 floors and there are multiple staircases leading up and down from each floor. You can try to rush your way up to the top floor to deal with your archnemesis, but you may find some roadblocks along the way. You may wish to explore the dungeon more closely before trying to make your way as quickly as possible to the top floor.

On most floors you can also find merchants from whom you can buy things.

The game is very unique in that you get to play both as human and vampire in each run. You switch to being a vampire after some time or due to another cause. You have potential to switch back and forth several times each run.

If you are playing as a human, you need to light the torches on the floor to see better. In addition, you will be attacked by all of the monsters. You are allowed to rest while not in combat to heal. On the other hand, as a vampire, you can see in the dark and all humans will become your enemies instead. Also vampires can drink up spilt blood to heal instead of resting. As a human, you have spells and can use a gun, as a vampire, you have better movement and will be able to see into the shadows. Vampires are stronger physically as well.

Some items are only for vampires, and others are only for humans.

All combat as well as movement are turn-based. You can choose to allow for 8-directional movement or keep it simpler with only 4.

All gear/items that you find goes into your inventory or converted to your money totals. Inventory management is super easy in this game, your equipment is automatically equipped, and all of your potions are shown in the top-right portion of the screen for easy and quick selections. Be careful about what you use because you may inadvertantly switch between vampire and human, leading to dicey situations.

The game also uses lighting in the dungeon floors, so as a vampire, you want to stay out of sight in shadows so that you can have stealth movement. You also want to stay out of some even brighter light beams due to undesirable consequences. (Same can be said of stepping in water an a vampire.)

A minimap that can be found on the left side of the screen, giving you a quick look at the areas that you have explored and an idea of where you may wish to go next.

Game can be played with a keyboard, a mouse, or a controller. The support is quite fantastic and the controls are very simple and intuitive.

Graphics and Music
Simple appearance that works well with the tile mode. You can also choose an older look with ascii art only, if that's your thing. The music is rather eerie and I think it is well done.

Golden Krone Hotel is a very good game, I am having a really good time with it. It has a good price and you will definitely get enough gameplay for the price. I absolutely will recommend this game. If you like roguelikes it is a must buy in my opinion. This game is much easier to learn than games like TOME and ADOM and therefore also easy to get into if you have never played a roguelike before. 9/10. Highly recommended.

To get a better idea of the gameplay, look at the following YouTube video of some gameplay using the graphic tiles for general appearance:


I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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