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pxlyz lft ring Nov 25 @ 9:18am 
this guy has no comments on his profile... +rep he is friends with b4nny!!
build your own hotdog Nov 12 @ 9:00pm 
Ребят исправьте лучше летающих после убийства ботов))). Летающие кабал и падшие наверно должны вдохновлять игровое сообщество на подвиги, но б....дь, речь идет о стражах))), а не о Дарк Войд и других игровых персонажах, никак не связанных с Дэстини 2))).
chang Oct 31 @ 12:56am 
The road to bloomerdom is paved with b4nnypills.
chang Oct 17 @ 9:01pm 
YOMPS did you get a hair cut? I miss those luscious heavy metal locks!
Bosh1 Oct 17 @ 5:45pm 
I went to Walmart by my job and picked up 4 packages of them. Now I have a bag full of cookies that my son will have an enjoy
chang Sep 13 @ 7:35pm 
Day 6 of NOFAP.

My lifts have exploded. I no longer recognize pain. I have had wet dreams since day 2, each one more intense than the previous. I think I look stronger, maybe it's just delirium at this point. I cannot stop thinking about women. I saw the finest ♥♥♥ blessed by Archangel Michael himself last night and by God I almost collapsed on the spot. At this point I have to lift out of necessity lest I undertake some unspeakable acts. I cannot do deadlifts because when the bar touches my ♥♥♥♥ I ♥♥♥♥ing moan like a boar and have been asked to leave my club once

What more must I go through to make it