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Unlocked Jul 11 @ 9:51am

Told You I'm an Artist

Demonstrate some artistic ability
Unlocked Jul 14 @ 6:04am


Paint 20 Normal pictures

Extremely Normal

Paint 50 Normal pictures

Budding Professional

Paint 5 Pro pictures

Hardcore Professional

Paint 20 Pro pictures

Picking Up Speed

Win 3 timer ribbons

Fast and Pretty

Win 15 timer ribbons

Painted from Memory

Win 10 no-X's ribbons

X Marks the Weenies

Paint 5 Quick Fix pics using no X's

Logic Master

Win 100 ribbons

I Can Do this Blindfolded

Paint 20 Quick Fix pics using no X's

Attention for Retention

Win 3 paint ribbons

Practical Painter

Win 15 paint ribbons

One Track Finger

Paint 1 Quick Fix pic without lifting your brush

Continuous Madness

Paint 5 Quick Fix pics without lifting your brush

Minor Mix-Up

Win 5 checkmark ribbons

Major Mix-Up

Win 25 checkmark ribbons

Surreal Superhero

Reopen the whole gallery

Basement Dweller

Repaint all of The Archives

Master Master

Paint 25 Master pictures