Jacob   Bouvet Island
Im washed up AF
Faceit [] 2.3k elo
Config [] Sens 3.1/400DPI
launch "-novid -freq 144 -console -tickrate 128 -high -language bananagaming +exec autoexec"
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Yeni 2 hours ago 
nt level 5 says he is a semi pro calls 2.3k elo player a bot :thinking:
reflect1oncs 4 hours ago 
reflect1oncs 5 hours ago 
youre actually trash dude bot
reflect1oncs 5 hours ago 
you might be ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ but semi pro is to get paid. a s1 getting pad is technically semi pro
verify Feb 10 @ 4:46am 
-rep toxic
Taiga Feb 9 @ 1:52pm 
cancer player