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Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition
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Wide Walter Aug 19 @ 6:00pm 
-rep hhhhhaaaaaarrrrrrdddddd tunnels
Yeah I am! Jul 11 @ 8:26pm 
+rep hes a big liar don't listen to him guys he's a little troubled and confused.
Stoneburner Jul 11 @ 8:06pm 
-rep hard tunnels on billy pre nerf and stilll manages to let people live
Yeah I am! Jul 7 @ 3:01am 
Great to hear! Thank you for sharing all of your chill vibes here on my profile that's why it's made public afterall!
Claudette Morel Jul 7 @ 1:53am 
i got an easy escape and more bloodpoints than you so i was chill
Yeah I am! Jul 7 @ 1:47am 
Thanks for all the love Floofy it was a joy raising your blood pressure!