Yaz   Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Leader of [V.Y.L] Member of a few clans 404, kindred, MOA.
Played competitive TFC from August 1999 - 2004
Play TF2 2007-2019

Top 30 Dueller Worldwide.
retire for good. it's been fun.

Bluflamme, LachanceJeff, El Patron, Aristo, thx you for the great time you guys provide us.

God bless you.

blueflame Jul 11 @ 6:00pm 
I saw that lol I think you're famous
Yazmo Jul 11 @ 2:21pm 
yea funny how these hater keep coming cry after all this time i stop playing.
blueflame Jul 10 @ 5:21pm 
+rep best
Awesome person behind those binds
also taught me how to rocket jump on 2fort
blueflame Jun 23 @ 12:46am 
Man I miss playing tf2 with you! Keep kicking ♥♥♥ in the games you play now :-)
paper_gh0st Jun 10 @ 10:36pm 
I can corroborate with the guy below me. Yazmo hid in 2fort spawn after he got a point lead in a duel, and then used the excuse of "I'm not fighting an aimbotter" as his justification to hide. Whatever it takes to inflate that glass ego amirite or amirite?
Incoming May 12 @ 7:49am 
Love how he brags about his duel wins when he plays like a coward on one map, as one class, in an exploit spot where you can't shoot back at him. Then he runs away when you outplay him.