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mort. Apr 16 @ 10:56pm 
hey man, just i find your steam on internet! i want to get in contact to you becuase of the forum post you make on living with severe mental handicap as a child. I have nephew who needs ! get in touch me when u can. thank you men!
Bloodydemon Mar 22 @ 10:57am 
I come home trying to unwind have some fun but he's there, ready to kick my ass... He is very abusive, he punches and kicks me. Always punishes me for my mistakes. I scream in desperation but he shows no mercy. He always goes to the point of knocking me out! I even cry sometimes! He's truly relentless! But he's my wife so i gotta just endure it, it brings him so much joy after all to knock me down to the ground while i plead for him to let me get back up! But he never does... just constant bullying tbh. I thought i was the sadist...

I just wish sometimes... I could combo as good as him... What's with the look of concern on your face? I'm talking about Tekken
Bloodydemon Feb 27 @ 3:55pm 
Whoa so when u yell pog when u see me it's cause ur nutting?? *blush*
oogie Feb 26 @ 11:27pm 
Cactuar Feb 7 @ 6:47pm 
Bloodydemon Jan 31 @ 1:51pm 
Sir, do you know why i'm in your comments section today? I'm here to give u a fine for not having a Commercial drivers license, for that absolute dump truck of an ass *drools* i'm also gonna have to impound so plz park it over here in my room. I have to give it a thorough inspection for any other violations