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This is the most magical profile page you have ever seen. You might even faint. Alternativly though you could purchase me a cake. The last person who bought me one was a lier. She then entrapt me in a cold, unforgiving testing facility, but I escaped into a world filled with zombies and weird exploding pickles. I quikly learned that I could turn stuff around me into things just by putting it into specific patterns. After spending about five minutes there I built a rocket and traveled to the moon where I found Princess Luna and a bunch of bannanas. She was convinced that I was her freind and should never leave so I escaped just in time to crashland on an alien planet inhabited by incredibly strong flowers. They helped me in repairing my rocket ship and I soon launched back into outer space. It took me about another fifteen minutes to find a giant space station called Battle Star Galatica. They were looking for Earth and I was too so I joined them. We found Earth after two long days and there we lived happily ever after.

The End
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