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New York, New York, United States
I'm Dani Burns, the only daughter of the chief of the Griffin Rock Police Department. I fly an orange helicopter named Blades.
Here is my strange item shop [mplc.tf]

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The end move in politics is always to pick up a gun.
-- Buckminster Fuller

(Sez who?)

Laser effects, mirrored balls -- John Williams must be rolling around
in his grave.

-- Homer Simpson
The Springfield Connection

There was a crash from the direction of the kitchen, although it was more of a crescendo - the long-drawn-out clatter that begins when a pile of plates begins to slip, continues when someone tries to grab at them, develops a desperate counter-theme when the person realizes they don't have three hands, and ends with the roinroinroin of the one miraculously intact plate spinning round and round on the floor.
Take an astronaut to launch.
enhance, v.:
To tamper with an image, usually to its detriment.

"You shouldn't make my toaster angry."
-- Household security explained in "Johnny Quest"

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