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Born in the breeder tank of a genetics lab and nurtured in a cybronics workshop. I was created to be the ultimate warrior.
I'm also better than Duke at everything. :csgoanarchist:
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1.3 patch fixed most of the issues I had before. Think it is worth a buy now.

Fun until you get one shot by ranged enemies you can't even see and who have projectiles that follow you around the map. Or you just get stun-locked by enemies using unblockable attacks and can't do anything.

Haven't ran into any bugs, and game could be very good, but the amount of ranged enemies and unblockable attacks just make it more frustrating than fun depending on the type of enemies you happen to get. If that gets fixed I would recommend.

Just the three patch notes below makes the game so much more fun than frustrating. Still needs some work, but devs seem to be listening, and there is a ton of content on the way.

Reduced aggressiveness of turrets and enemy ranged attacks.
Adaptoid laser attack is easier to avoid.
Assault Adaptoid tuning, including:
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Gave you a "Poetry" Avengers Review :lunar2020playfuldog:
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484 hours in FM 2019 and negative Note hahahaha
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Hey man, anywhere to download the Minnesota FM15 graphics? I'm dying to play your database...thanks!