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Temper a Weapon 1 Time
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 3:15am

Living Weapon

Affinity Boost a Weapon 1 time
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 5:32am

Testing your Limits

Spend an Affinity Point
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 3:59am

Aurelian Lost

Complete Codex Halls Expedition
Unlocked Aug 19 @ 2:49am

After the Fall

Complete the Main Story Quest: 'Eyes to See'
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 2:53am


Discover 25 landmarks
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 3:57am

No Place Like Home

Unlock your Apartment
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 2:56am

Legendary Arms

Craft a Weapon
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 5:29am

Champion's Vestige

Craft an Accessory
Unlocked Aug 19 @ 3:40am

Echoes of Power

Perform Echo Fusion 1 time
Unlocked Aug 30 @ 2:32am

Self Improvement

Upgrade an Ability
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 5:28am

Manipulating the Gloom

Complete a Mutated run of a Lost Zone
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 3:10am

Finding the Path

Complete a Hunt
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 2:50am

Martial Discipline

Unlock a Weapon Mastery
Unlocked Aug 30 @ 2:01pm

Dye Hard

Apply a dye 10 times
Unlocked Aug 26 @ 3:20am

Power House

Reach a Power Level of 2500

Master of War

Reach Level 30 with a Warmaster

Arcane Lord

Reach Level 30 with an Arcanist

I Will Survive

Reach Level 30 with a Survivalist

Weapon of Legend

Reach Level 30 with a Weapon

Temper Tantrum

Fully Temper a Weapon


Spend 30 Affinity Points

Touched by Greed

Aquire 100k Gold

Déjà vu

Acquire 100k Memory Echoes

Bad Omens

Complete the Main Story Quest: 'Bad Omens'

Hunting the Hunter

Complete the Huntmaster's Questline: 'Scavenger Hunt'

Swan Song

Complete Kestrel's Questline: 'The Final Score'

A Murder in Deepwood

Complete the Deepwood Holt Questline: 'The Greater Good'

Remnant of the Past

Complete the Curator's Questline: 'A Fragmentary Passage'

No Honor Among Thieves

Complete Old Kite's Questline: 'Honor Among Thieves'

Last of the Woodwen

Complete Unar the Mystic's Questline: 'Last of the Woodwen'

Kindling Light

Light all Highlands Signal Fires

Alchemical Enthusiast

Craft 99 Flasks

Hero for All

Complete 30 Jobs

Born Anew

Summon a Wayfinder

All For One

Perform Echo Fusion 100 times

Master of the Elements

Complete 50 Mutated runs of a Lost Zone

Expeditionary Force

Complete 10 Lost Zones

Anchor Slayer

Complete 100 Lost Zones

Walking the Path

Complete 50 Hunts

Well, That was Eventful...

Complete 1000 Events

Seeker of Truth

Complete the Mass Deception Event Without Triggering any Deceivers

Beat the House

Win the Max Prize in the Trickster Bar Event


Defeat the Talon of Pyre

Challenge Seeker

Complete Difficulty Sphere 04 of a Lost Zone or Hunt

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